Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2022 (Reactivation SIM) 6GB 48Tk (30 days)


Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2022 (Updated). Today we will share Robi reactive sim offer. You can know this offer from here and enjoy with this offer. Come back to Robi operator and enjoy with lot of offer. 6GB internet with special call rate and many more.

Robi has published an incredible offer for the reprocessing sim. Now you can get this great offer by connecting to 4.5G / 3.5G / 2.5G network. Releasing this offer on their official website. You can take this offer from this website. All offer given below.

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robi bondho sim offer
robi bondho sim offer

How to Check Eligibility for Robi Bondho SIM Offer :

Verification of eligibility: To know whether the current offer is applicable for your closed connection, type A <Space> 0180000000 and send a free SMS from any local Robi number – 8050 or by dialing *8050#.

Example: A <> 01817254522 <> to send 8050

Or to check the offer directly click here.

Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2022:  

Robi great offers to get for customers back if the sim is closed for more than 3/6 months. So that customers can restart their SIM and get this offer. Every customer searches for Robi Bondho SIM Offer every day.

If the offer is good for Robi customer, then through this offer, customers will be able to activate bondho sim. You can pick up Robi offer from here. You can take the offer by reading the article I have given.

To get this offer Recharges 48 Taka

Recharges Taka Internet Pack Minute Pack Validity
Tk. 48 (First Time) 6 GB internet 48 Paisa Second 30 days
Tk. 47 47 Paisa Second 30 days
Tk. 119 4 GB Data 120 Minutes 30 days

Recharge 48 Taka 6GB Data (First time) :

Robi Bondho Connection has announced 6GB internet, 48 SMS pack and excellent 48 paisa minute talktime offer for customers at a recharge of just Tk 48.

That’s great! It offers a very good internet and minutes. All Robi customers can buy this internet offer at low prices. All these internet and minute packages can only be enjoyed by the customers returning to Robi.

Moreover, Rori customers will be able to purchase the 48 paisa minute talktime package & 48 SMS Pack for only Tk 48.

  • Recharge Tk. 48 and get 6GB Internet, 48 SMS Pack & 48 Paisa Minute.
  • You can use 6GB internet Anytime.
  • The internet and minutes offer validity 30 days (24 hours)
  • Bondho SIM pack can use 2G / 3G / 4G networks.
  • With SD, VAT & SC Included.
  • You can buy this offer only one times.
  • To check internet balance dial *3#.
  • SMS Balance check dial *222*12#
  • The current package will be able to enjoy as much time as possible during the campaign.
  • The offer will continue until further notice.
  • Robi can change or edit the offer at any time.
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Robi 119 Taka Recharge :

Hello friend, Robi is offering 4GB internet (1GB 4G) with 120 minute talktime & 120 SMS bundle offer at just 119 Taka recharge!

If you would like to avail this offer, first recharge 119 Taka. You can enjoy excellent internet and minute offers over a 30 day period. It’s offer is very Amazing for Robi each customer.

  • Wow! Robi gets 4GB internet at 119 Taka recharge.
  • It offers 120 minutes talk time (with any operator).
  • You can get 120 SMS pack.
  • Duration 30 days (24 hours)
  • 4GB Data (for use in any purpose)
  • To balance the data dial * 3 # and to check the minutes dial *222*2# .
  • You will be able to purchase this offer multiple times.

Robi Bondho SIM Minute Offer :

  • After recharge 119 TK you will get 120 minutes.
  • Robi 119 minutes talk time packages.
  • The Minute offer can be used (any local operator).
  • 1 Week Validity.
  • Minute used any time.
  • To Minute Balance Check dial *222*2#

If you do, this information will be shared by you, Facebook, twitter, and other social media. If you want to know about other internet offers, you can visit this web site.

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Robi 1GB Internet 23 Taka :

How about talking about Robi 1GB internet with you today. This offer is applicable for all prepaid and postpaid customers. The magnificent 1GB Internet is priced at just 23 BDT. This is an excellent internet offer for Bari customers.

Such a cheap internet offer is attractive and attractive to all. But before buying this offer you will have to use any pack of Robi 54/108/316. Then you can use Robi 1GB 2 Taka internet offer.

Sutras who have used one of Robi’s 54/108/316 packages, can buy 1 GB23 from here. You must dial the USSD Code to purchase this data pack. After that you can activate and use. Given below –

  • To active this offer, press *123*230#.
  • Validity is 03 days.
  • Robi 1GB 23 Taka pack.
  • You can purchase multiple times.
  • Call 121 for problems.
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Robi 2GB 54Tk Offer :

Hello, Are you looking for Robi Internet Offer or Robi Bondho SIM Offer? So you will find the real website here you find many types of robi internet offer. Robi is offering 2GB internet for only 54 Taka. THis offer expiring date is 3 days. It will cost you 54 Taka if you to buy this 2 GB internet pack. The size of the data pack is 2048 MB.

robi off sim offer

Enjoy Robi great internet offers with the best 4.5G network in the country. You just dial USSD code and start to using this pack.

  • To start this offer dial *123*54# Or Recharge 54Tk.
  • This internet expiry date is 3 days.
  • Can be used anytime within 24 hours.
  • To your internet balance check dial *8444*88#.
  • You can buy the offer multiple times.
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3GB Data offer: Today I will show you how to purchase 4.5 GB internet offer for 7 days validity. The excellent internet offer will cost – 129 Taka. But you can enjoy 3GB on the 3G network and 1.5GB on the 4G SIM. You can buy a quick internet offer from here. You can enjoy the awesome 4.5GB internet offer only 129 Taka.

  • To activate this offer, dial *123*0129#.
  • Period is 7 days.
  • Internet Balance Check dial * 3 #
  • You can buy this offer multiple times.

Robi 1GB 41Tk offer:

How will you feel, if I were to talk to you today about cheap internet offers. Robi has just released 1GB internet offer for Tk 41. This pack expires 03 days.

The excellent internet offer will cost only 41 Taka. You can buy the data pack quickly by dialing Active Code. Buy your favorite data pack fast and use the Internet at super speed.

  • To get this offer Press * 123 * 41 # or recharge 41 Taka.
  • You recharge 41 and launch the pack.
  • The Internet is 72 hours.
  • You can take the data pack again.
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Robi Reactive SIM Offer 2022 :

Robi is the second-largest telecommunications company in Bangladesh. Robi’s previous name was Aktel. It was very popular in Bangladesh. The company’s name was changed in 2010, Aktel has been renamed Robi. You can find Robi bondho SIM offer, Robi Internet offer and minute offer here.

robi bondho sim offer

This company was founded in 1997 but not so good before. When the company’s name is changed to Robi, the company becomes even stronger. Now they are powerful telecommunications companies.

Currently, the company is affiliated with Airtel, yet the whole company controls Robi because they have a huge stake. Robi is coming up with new plans and new packages as this company has over 10 million subscribers.

They have reduced the price of Robi Bondho SIM offer, internet, minutes, SMS packages. It is updated to 4.5G from 3.5G. The number of different Internet packages has also increased.

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