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Banglalink Minute offer 2020 – Banglalink Minute Package

Today I will share with you Banglalink Minute Offer 2020 New Update Bundle Pack. They added some nice minute offers to the new update and canceled some bundle offers.

For the benefit of the customers, Banglaink has been  publishes 500 minutes, 340 minutes, 235 minutes, 165 minutes, 165 minutes, 80 minutes, 40 minutes and 24 minutes at cheap rates.

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Here we provide the latest updated Banglalink Minute offer 2020. Bangladesh Telecommunications Commissioner (BTRC) sets new call rate. The great Banglalink offers mentioned here will benefit you.

Banglalink Minute offer 2020:

Banglalink is the best telecommunication network publisher company in Bangladesh. A new Banglalink Minute Offer 2020 has been released for everyone in the local area of Bangladesh.

Banglalink brings amazing minute offers for all prepaid and postpaid customers. We have collected many minute packs and bonus offers on this website.

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Here we have collected the cheap price minute packages. These offers are attractive to all customers. If you want to buy more minute packs at a cheaper price then this is the right place for you. Banglalink has released this wonderful minute offer all over Bangladesh.

Banglalink is collecting minute offers from their official website. Every customer can safely purchase minute packages from here. Banglalink offers great minutes to keep everyone laughing and happy. Use their powerful networks to communicate clearly and at the lowest cost.

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How can I buy Banglalink minute?

For everyday those who are looking for Banglalink minute offers, I have created a table with excellent minute offers. We’ve listed the table below to help users –

Total Minute
Minute Price
Activation Code
24 MinutesTk.14*1100*5#2 Days
40 Min @ 25MBTk. 24*166*40#3 Days
80 MinutesTk.47*166*47#7 Days
165 MinsTk.97*166*97#15 Days
235 MinutesTk.137*166*137#30 Days
340 MinsTk.197*166*197#30 Days
500 MinutesTk.297*166*297#30 Days
100 Min+512 MBTk.88*166*88#30 Days
300 Min+2GB+30 SMSTk.288*166*288#30 Days
500 Min+4GBTk.488*166*488#30 Days

Banglalink 24 Minute offer:

There will be with talk from everyone! Because Banglalink is bringing you excellent minute offers. Now Banglalink is offering 24 minutes with only 14 Taka for 2 days. You only need 14 Taka to buy this bundle pack and you can have 24 minutes talk time with it.

  • To get this offer dial * 1100 * 5 # or recharge 14 Taka.
  • The 24-minute period is 2 days.
  • This bundle applies to all prepaid customers.
  • Unused minutes can no longer be used when they expire.
  • This pack can be purchased multiple times.
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Banglalink 40 Minutes offer:

Banglalink brings you 40 minutes and 25 MB internet bundle for just 24 Taka. If you want to avail this offer it will cost 24 Taka. You get 40 minutes talk time for 24 Taka. It has 25 MB of internet free. If you want this offer below, dial * 166 * 40 # or recharge it for 24 Taka.

  • You can avail the offer at a recharge of 24 Tk or dial * 166 * 40 #.
  • This minute applies to any local call.
  • Re-purchase this offer before the expiry will extend the period.
  • Dial * 124 * 24 # to find the minute balance.
  • The use of the bundle minutes applies to the customer’s base package pulse.
  • The offer is applicable for a limited time.

Banglalink 80 Minute offer:

Today I would like to share Banglalink 80 minute talk time offer! It has 80 Minutes offer with only 47 Taka. After 47 Taka Recharge to enjoy this great offer. You can now dial up the USSD Code and receive the offer fast. See below-

  • To get this offer dial * 166 * 47 # or recharge 47 Taka.
  • Any operator can be used with this offer.
  • Buying the offer again before the expiry will increase the validity of the new packet.
  • The use of the bundle minute applies to the customer’s base package pulse.
  • Bundle minutes can be used 24 hours.
  • Dial * 124 * 100 # to check bundle balance
  • Price with VAT, SD, SC-incl
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BL 165 Minute Pack:

Banglalink is most forward for offering great minutes. They have come up with a bundle offer of 165 minutes for only 97 Taka. The offer will cost Tk 165 for a 15 day period. Customers can easily buy and enjoy this offer. To get this bundle offer 97 BDT recharge.

  • You can buy the offer by dialing * 166 * 97# or recharging 97 Taka.
  • Dial * 124 * 100 # to check the minute balance.
  • This offer can be used for multiple purchases.
  • Banglalink Minute offer 2020 enjoy now.
  • This offer is for a limited time.

Banglalink 235 Minute offer:

From now on, there will be more communication with friends! Banglalink has just released a nice one minute offer. It offers 235 minute talk time offers over a 30 day period.

Banglalink will cost 137 Taka to avail 235 minutes offer. You can avail 235 minutes talk time offer for 30 days, at a recharge of BDT 137 or dial * 166 * 137 #.

Bundle Details:

  • To avail this offer, dial * 166 * 137 # or recharge Tk 137
  • All prepaid customers will be able to use.
  • You can talk to any operator.
  • You can talk for 24 hours with a 235-minute pack.
  • Dial * 124 * 100 # to check minute balance
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BL 340 Minute offer:

In order to give more, the all-time champion Banglalink brought the bundle great minutes this time! At just 197 Taka, 340 minutes talk time is offered to used any operator.

And what is the delay. To take this offer after recharges 197 Taka for 340 minutes bundle offer and validity 30 days. Enjoy the awesome 340 minute bundle offer.

  • Dial * 166 * 197 # to avail this offer or recharge at 197 Taka.
  • The bundle minute can be enjoyed by any local operator.
  • It can easily be taken from 340 minutes on offer.
  • Dial * 124 * 100 # to check minutes
  • + VAT is associated with.
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Banglalink 500 Minute offer:

Banglalik brought a wonderful 515 minute offer to talk more with friends. Now talk barely all day, chatting every day. If you want to take the 515 minute bundle pack it will cost 297 Taka.

From here you can pick up the bundle offer for a period of 30 days. Banglalink’s biggest minute offer is 515 minutes.

Bundle Details:

  • This bundle pack is applicable for all prepaid and call & control customers.
  • To purchase the offer, please recharge 297 or dial * 166 * 297 #.
  • Applies to any local operator.
  • After the expiration, the remaining minutes can no longer be used.
  • The 515 minute bundle pack can be purchased multiple times.
  • The maximum duration will be applicable if the bundle is repurchased during the period and the unused minutes will be added to it.
  • If you want to repurchase the offer you will need to Activation Code or Recharge.
  • The 515 minute bundle pack will be able to use for 24 hours.
  • Dial * 124 * 100 # to check bundle balance
  • This bundle offer is valid for a limited time.
  • Source: Banglalink

100 Minute + 512 MB offer:

Today I have brought to you 100 minute package of the lowest price of Banglalink. This bundle minute pack will be available for every Banglalink prepaid subscriber to enjoy. This bundle package includes 100 minutes talktime, 512 MB internet bonus and 30 SMS bonuses.

It will cost only 88 Taka to buy this bundle pack. Great this bundle package is important to all customers. To avail this special offer, dial * 166 * 88 # or recharge 88 Taka.

  • To Active this offer, dial * 1666 * 88 # or Recharge 88 Taka.
  • This package expires 07 days.
  • Bundle minutes and SMS are applicable for local calls and SMS only.
  • Unused minutes, SMS and internet will no longer be used after expiry.
  • Whether the bundle package will go multiple times.
  • Useful for minutes, SMS, Internet 24 hours.
  • Dial * 121 * 100 # to check bundle balance.
  • With Price VAT, SD, SC-incl.
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Banglalink 300 minutes + 2GB Internet offer:

Banglalink brought amazing minute offer in 30 days! If you want to purchase this great bundle package you can buy fast. Banglalink prepaid brings you 300 minutes of talktime, 2GB internet and 30 SMS mixed bundle pack for just 288 Taka.

This bundle is applicable for all prepaid and call and control customers. To purchase this great bundle package dial * 166 * 288 # or recharge 288 Taka.

  • To active this offer, dial * 166 * 288 # or Recharge 288 Taka.
  • All can enjoy minutes, SMS and internet offers.
  • The maximum period will be applicable if the bundle is repurchased during the period and will include unused minutes, SMS and internet.
  • The use of the bundle minutes applies to the customer’s base package pulse.
  • To balance check * 121 * 1000 #.
  • The offer is applicable for a limited time.
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500 minute + 4GB data offer:

Banglalink has released 500 minute excellent one minute package offer. Excellent this minute offer can be enjoyed by all prepaid customers. All required minute offers of Banglalink Minute Offer 2020 have been collected.

Banglalink brings you the perfect mix bundle pack of 500 minutes talktime, 4GB internet and 30 SMS at just 488 Taka. This minute package expires 30 days.

If you wish to purchase this bundle package you will need to dial the USSD code. To active this offer, dial * 166 * 488 # or Recharge 488 Taka.

  • To get this offer, press * 166 * 488 # or Recharge 488 Taka.
  • This bundle package can be used by all local operators.
  • Cannot use unused bundle package after expiry.
  • The bundle can be accessed 24 minutes, SMS and Internet.
  • To check bundle balance, dial * 121 * 100 #
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What is Banglalink?

Banglalink is the third largest mobile phone service provider in Bangladesh. This company was launched in the year 1999. Currently, it is located in Gulshan Model Town, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

As of December 2005, the company had 1.3 million subscribers and according to data in 2019, Banglalink has grown to 10 million subscribers.

They provide excellent internet offers, minute offers, SMS offers and customer service for the benefit of the customers. Let’s all use Banglalink SIM.

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