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Today I will give you some excellent Banglalink internet offer 2022. Here you find low cost amazing bl internet packages and MB offer. I will share Banglalink super internet offers with you. If you have read this full article completely, you can safely get bl internet package from here.

Guys, are you tired to get Banglalink internet offers? You searched for a lot but couldn’t find the right place. Come to website. Here we have collected Banglalink internet offers. Check out these internet offers so you can make a choice.

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Banglalink is one of the most powerful telecommunication companies in Bangladesh. Established in 1995, this company offers a strong network of customers as well as internet and minute offers at low prices. People searching on internet how to get banglalink internet offer 2022 with low prices. Today I will try to give you some idea about bl offer.

Banglalink internet Offer 2022 :

Banglalink Internet Offer 2022 has already been updated in July. We release all data offers as per the new update. If you are find a great Internet Offer then you can select your favorite offer from this list. Here I have provided all the internet offers for you. So all the offers here are currently active, you can choose any data package.

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Following this list to buy a internet pack from all the packages of Banglalink internet Offer. From this list, customers will find out and know about all the Internet packages. Currently, I spend a lot of time making a list of the most wonderful internet packages. Which will benefit you. Hope you enjoy all these wonderful internet offers from here. I just made a list of Banglalink internet offer 2022 :

Banglalink Daily Internet Offer :

Data Package Data Price
Activation Code
200 MB Tk. 18 *121*18# 3 days
75 MB Tk. 13 *121*13# 4 days
512 MB Tk. 23 *121*23# 4 days
1 GB Tk. 36 *121*36# 4 days
1.5 GB Tk. 41 *5000*41# 4 days
3 GB Tk. 58 *121*58# 4 days
4.5 GB Tk. 64 *121*64# 4 days

Banglalink Weekly Internet Offer :

Here I am providing all the data of Banglalink weekly internet offers which you can purchease by dialing USSD code. These offers have been collected from the official website of Banglalings. They have recently changed all the internet offers and released new internet offers.

So the new internet offers are offered at the lowest prices. Which all Banglalink subscribers can buy at low prices. Here we have arranged all the internet offers of banglalink in a row, you can activate any internet offer as per your choice. I hope you can do it easily.

Data Package Data Price
Activation Code
1GB Tk. 16 *121*16# 7 days
500 MB Tk. 42 *121*42# 7 days
2 GB Tk. 89 *121*89# 7 days
4 GB Tk. 108 *121*108# 7 days
7 GB Tk. 114 *121*114# 7 days
11 GB Tk. 129 *121*129# 7 days
15 GB Tk. 149 *121*149# 7 days
18 GB Tk. 169 *121*169# 7 days

Banglalink Monthly Internet offer :

We have made a new list of Banglanglik’s monthly internet offer on this website. This list includes the new monthly internet offers offered by Banglalink. You can see the offers, please. If you like, you can activate any internet offer from here. Please see the list below –

Data Price Active
5 GB TK. 46 *121*46# 30 days
2.5 GB TK. 209 *121*209# 30 days
3 GB Tk. 249 *121*249# 30 days
6 GB Tk. 299 *121*299# 30 days
12 GB Tk. 399 *121*399# 30 days
40 GB Tk. 499 *121*499# 30 days
45 GB Tk. 699 *121*699# 30 days
55 GB Tk. 999 *121*999# 30 days

Banglalink Student Internet Offer :

Now Banglalink published some new internet offer for student. They are published two internet offer one is weekly and another is monthly offer. This pack only you can be only used for Skype, Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Google Classroom. You can buy these offers many times.

Data Package Data Price
Activation Code
2 GB Tk. 50 *5000*50# 7 days
50 MB Tk. 300 *5000*300# 30 days

Daily Pack:

75 MB Pack : Today I will discuss with you one of the smallest internet offer of Banglalink. Banglalink is offering 75 MB Inter with only 13 Taka, the validity of this internet offer is 04 days. You can purchase by dialing USSD Code from here.

  • To get this offer, dial *121*13#
  • The Internet pack duration time 04 days.
  • Offer this offer price is 13 Taka.

200 MB Data : Dear friends, how do you purchase Banglalink’s 200 MB internet offer? So you can easily make BL’s 200 MB internet offer from here at very low cost. The price of this internet offer is 18 Taka which is valid for 03 days.

  • Active To active this offer dial *121*18#
  • Internet The Internet Validity is 03 days.
  • BL 200 MB @ 18 Taka offer.

Banglalink 1GB Offer :

Banglalink has launched 1 GB internet offer with only 36 taka. This is their new internet pack. You can buy the offer with only 36 taka. This 1 GB data pack works faster than other internet offers. If you like, you can buy the offer from here.

  • To purchase this offer, Press *121*36#
  • The internet validity is 04 days.
  • Bl 1.2 GB 41 Taka pack.

BL 1.5GB 41 Taka Offer : Banglalink has provided daily 1.5 GB internet offer. Each BL customer can purchase this 1.5 GB internet offer for just 41 Taka. If you need a cheap internet offer, you can purchase Banglalink’s 1.5 GB internet offer.

  • To get this offer, dial *5000*41#
  • The internet validity is 04 days.
  • Banglalink 2.5GB 41 Taka offer.

BL 4.5GB 64 Taka: Today I am talking about Banglalink’s 4.5 GB internet offer. Banglalink is offering 4.5 GB internet with only 64 Taka. Each customer can purchase this internet offer for a period of 04 days. For a period of 04 days, customers will have to pay 64 Taka to purchase this offer.

  • To active this offer dial *121*64#
  • This offer is validity 04 days.
  • BL 4.5G 64 Taka offer.

Weekly Pack :

Banglalink 1GB 16 Taka Offer : Good news for Banglalink customers. Banglalink is offering 1GB internet with only 16 Taka. This offer is one of the most popular internet offers. This is the lowest price with the BL 1GB internet offer. All prepaid customers will be able to purchase the offer.

  • To active this offer dial *121*16#
  • Internet validity is 07 days.
  • BL 1GB 16 Taka offer.

Banglalink 4GB 108 Taka : If you want to use more internet at low cost, you can buy 4GB internet for one week. This one week term internet package is good for you. Which you can activate 4 GB internet with just 108 rupees.

  • To get this offer dial *121*108#
  • The internet validity is 07 days.
  • Bl 4GB 108 Taka.
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Banglalink 7GB 114Tk Offer : Are you looking for Banglalink’s new internet offer. Then you can take the 7 GB internet pack. The 7GB internet offer is priced at 114 Taka, which you can purchase for a period of 07 days. You can dial USSD Code below to enjoy the offer.

  • Dial *121*114# to get the offer.
  • Internet offer is valid for 07 days.
  • Customers can buy the pack more than once.

BL 11GB 129 Taka : Banglalink 11GB has launched a great internet offer. Customers are provided 11GB internet for just 129 Taka to use the internet for a period of one week. From here you can buy 11 GB internet for 07 days with 129 Taka.

  • To avail this offer dial *121*129#.
  • Duration 30 days.
  • BL 11GB 129 Taka offer

Banglalink 15GB 149 Taka : Today I will share with you Banglalink’s 15GB 149 Taka internet pack. If you need this offer you can buy 15 GB internet offer from here. Every customer can enjoy this at any time to buy 15 GB internet package

  • To active this offer, dail *121*149#
  • The internet offer vilidity is 07 days
  • Bl 15GB 149 Taka offer

Banglalink 18GB 169Tk Offer : Dear friends, if you want to purchase Banglalink internet offer within 1 week, you can purchase 18GB internet offer. Now Banglalink is publishing more and more internet offers at the lowest cost. They are offering 18GB internet for only 169 Taka. Which all Banglalink prepaid customers can enjoy.

  • To active this offer dial *121*169#
  • Internet validity is 07 days.
  • BL 18GB 169 Taka offer.

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Banglalink Internet Package 2022:

banglalink internet packages

Every day many people search for Banglalink internet package. To fulfill their needs, BL has released new Internet packages. And they also worry about their safety. A customer can safely take these data packages from here. Here are many internet packages, buy internet packs of your choice.

Banglalink 3GB 99Tk Offer :

One of the nice internet packages is – 3 GB internet at 99 Taka. As always, you can dial the USSD code and get the 3 GB Internet package. The 99 GB 3 GB data pack is applicable to all. Buy and use as needed. Customers can dial *5000*799# or recharge 99 Taka to avail this offer. The internet expires 07 days. You can buy 3GB internet offer from here.

Banglalink 5GB 108Tk offer: It is time for find best offer from all the great internet offers. This telecom company always try all-time champion for publishing the internet. Now you can pay 5 GB internet with only 108  BDT. And the Internet expires 07 days. Dial *5000*108# to avail Banglalink 5GB internet offer. Expiration is 07 days.

Banglalink 10GB 199Tk Offer :

Now I have to show you 10 GB internet offer. Whose term is 07 days. You can have 10GB banglalink internet offer Amazing. They are offering 10GB internet package with just 199 Taka. Remember that this offer is really nice. If you would like to take this offer package from here, dial the USSD code. Also you can take recharge. Dial *5000*199# or recharge 199 Taka to avail this offer. Expiration is 07 days.

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Banglalink 12GB Offer :

 Banglalink hot internet offer 2021! All Banglalink customers will be able to enjoy 12 GB internet for only 129 Taka. Now you can enjoy sitting at home, Banglalink most popular internet package. Buying this internet offer from Banglalink will get you 1GB Toffee internet bonus. You can buy a 12GB Internet pack by dialing USSD Code. To avail this offer dial * 5000 * 577 #. Internet pack expires 07 days. This is one of the cheapest internet packages in Banglalink.

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Banglalink 15GB internet offer: Launched this 15GB internet offer for all user. They offered 15GB internet package for a period of 30 days only for 1500 Taka. To start this offer dial *5000*510#. The data expiration is 30 days. Can run anytime in 24 hours.

Banglalink Free Internet Offer :

Banglalink offers regular internet packs as well as free internet. They provide free to customers. Now you can be one of these offers person. For that you have to follow some rules. If you follow the rules given here, you can also get Banglalink free internet offer service.

Banglalink Social Pack: Always try to brings great social pack for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp for all users. This Social Pack is applicable for all prepaid and call & control customers. You can use any social media you want. You must activate the data pack after seeing the correct offer.

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Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter Pack (30 MB 1.5 BDT) :

bl social Pack

There is no limit to provide internet pack depend on consumer demand. So bl offers excellent internet offer for social media browsing as per consumer preferences. Now Banglalink subscribers are getting 30 MB social pack for only 1.5 Taka, this offer expiry date is 4 days.

They also provided more internet services at a lower cost. You can dial *5000*414# to receive this offer. The internet expires 04 days. This 30 MB Internet can only be used on social media platforms. Internet data speed will depend on the type of device used and the speed of the network.

100 MB Social Pack: Banglalink has released a new social media pack for 7 days on their official website. This data pack contains 100 MB internet, which is worth only 7 Taka. However, you can use it on all social platforms. If you like this offer, dial *5000*576# to activate the offer. Expiration is 07 days.

Terms & Condition :

  • All Banglalink customers will be able to buy internet offers.
  • To check Internet balance dial *5000*500#
  • Purina can be purchased before expiry.
  • Source: Banglalink

In this post we are discuss about all Banglalink internet offer 2022. All offer are up to date. Just check all offer carefully and choose you favorite offer. Than dial the ussd code. We hope you enjoy our post.

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