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Robi New SIM offer 2020 – Robi 1GB 9 Taka offer

Today I will discuss Robi new SIM offer 2020. Robi gets excellent internet and minute offers for any customer connected with Robi new connection. There are also attractive bundles and free internet offers. Robi is offering a lot of internet offers at the cheapest price and collateral offers at the lowest prices when the new SIM is added.

If you would like to enjoy excellent internet and minute offers, then come to Robi with a new connection. Robi always offers great internet packages to all customers at a cheap price. Robi serves the most customers in Bangladesh.

Link: Robi Internet offer 2020

I’ll discuss Robi’s new SIM offer below. You can recharge required money and enjoy the most attractive internet offers. The information required for each offer will be given, Please enjoy the offers after you read the full article.

Robi New SIM offer 2020:

Prepaid New Connection: For the first time in the new Robi SIM, you will recharge the EasyLoad for 42 Taka or 96 Taka. Then you can enjoy 1GB Internet with just 9 Taka. Customers will be able to purchase 1GB Internet offer for only 9 Taka EasyLoad recharge.

Recharges Internet Call Rate/Minute Validity
First 42 Taka Recharges 2 GB 48 Paisa Data – 07 days Call – 30 days
First 96 Taka Recharges 2 GB 105 Min Data – 07 days Call – 10 days
9 Taka Recharges 1GB (Per Month)   07 days
First 73 Taka Recharges 2GB 48 Paisa Data – 07 days

Robi 42 Recharge Offer:

  • You can enjoy all the offers that Robi recharge for 42 Taka for the first time at Robi New Connection. If you want to receive this offer, please recharge at 42 Taka.
  • You will have 34 Taka in your mail account.
  • Get 2 GB internet.
  • This package expires 07 days.
  • 8 minutes talk time, 07 days at any number.
  • 48 paise / min to any number, expiration 30 days.
  • Robi New SIM offer 2020
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96 Recharge Offer:

Friends, if you want to enjoy the following offer, please recharge for the first time 96 Taka. Then you can enjoy all the wonderful internet and minute offers.

  • Balance in Maine account will be 34 Taka.
  • It has 2 GB internet as well.
  • The internet expires 07 days.
  • 105 minutes talk time, 10 days at any number.
  • 48 paise / min to any number, expire 30 days.
Link: Robi Bondho SIM offer

Robi 73 Taka Recharge 7 GB Internet:

  • The newly purchased prepaid SIM will be available for the first time at 73 Taka.
  • Whatever is on offer:
  • Balance in Maine accent is 25 Taka and 7 days expiry 2 GB internet.
  • 50 paise / min collateral on any operator.
  • The next 5 months is 1GB internet, the expiration is 7 days.


  • To check data balance, dial *3#.
  • This offer is applicable only for prepaid customers who have started using their connection with recharge.
  • If you don’t buy the Internet pack, you will be charged at the rate of 0.01 / 10KB. Internet service will be blocked after 5 MB data usage.
  • You can enjoy the offer as many times as you want over the next 6 months of SIM activation.

Answering Benefits: You can see the next benefits in the ‘Ammar Offers’ section of the My Robi app or by dialing * 999 #. To avail the offer, go to the nearest recharge outlet and recharge ‘Gachang’.

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Amount of recharge:

  • 1GB (4G) Internet Offer with 1GB Regular Offer at 101 Taka.
  • 2GB (4G) Internet pack with 2GB regular offer at recharge of 209 Taka, expiry 30 days.

Other Internet and bundle facilities:

Internet Offer: You will get 12GB internet in 12 months. Maximum once per month. You can buy 1GB for only 9 Taka. Internet offer expires 07 days.

Maximum Internet: All subscribers will get 41 Taka (1GB Regular + 1GB-4G) in internet pack and expire 5 days. This offer can be enjoyed as many times as you like for 3 months.

Special Collateral: For the first time, you will get 42 Taka or 96 Taka at any number for 48 paise minutes, 30 days.

Link: GP Bondho SIM offer

Special Collateral: Regular Tariff Rate: 23.33 paisa / 10 sec flat rate. You only have to offer a recharge 50 paise / min rate for 29 Taka, expiry 3 months (as often as you like).

Special Bundle: 95 minutes talktime at any number for only 59 Taka, 10 days.

For the first time at 42 Tk or 96 Tk, you can take up to 12 times for 1GB internet and 30 days special callout offer. Robi New SIM offer 2020 supper internet offer.

  • Recharge Medium: Easy load recharge
  • Duration: 07 days.
  • Internet access time limit: 24 hours.
  • Asking Code: * 123 * 3 * 5 #
  • Limit: 12 times a month for a total of 12 months.

Robi New SIM (Repeat):

  • Buying a pack is limited to buying 1GB of Internet for the next 30 days.
  • Recharge of any 9 Taka in a limited period of 30 days will be treated as normal account balance recharge.
  • Special Call Rate:
  • Customers will be able to enjoy 48 paise / minute collateral for the next 30 days after recharging 42 DBT or 96 BDT for the first time.

Activation Bonus:

  • Balance of 5 Taka in original account – 15 days in expiry
  • 2000 free SMS (any number)
  • Bonus SMS sending time is 24 hours.
  • The SMS pack period is 30 days.
  • 50 paise / SMS at the end of 30 days.
Link: Airtel 150 SMS Pack

General Conditions:

  • Offer not applicable if you migrate this package to a new one.
  • Migration can be done from this package. Existing data pack (if any) also applies to new packages after migration.
  • Balance Check Codes:
  • Original Account Balance – * 222 #
  • To Check In Bosan SMS – * 222 * 12 #
  • To check internet / internet bonus, dial * 123 * 3 * 5 #

Terms & Condition:

  • Longer periods will be active for multiple recharges during the period.
  • A handset will be available recharge-based (for the first time at 42 Taka or 96 Taka recharge) with 1GB internet offer only once, with the same handset being more than one SIM SIM active.
  • Internet bonus cannot be used later.
  • The period will be calculated along with the recharge day.
  • 10% supplementary duty + 15% VAT (supplementary duty included) + 1% surcharge applies on tariff.
  • Robi New SIM offer 2020
  • Source: Robi
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