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Robi Internet offer 2020 ( All List) – Robi Data Packages

Here is all the information about Robi Internet Offer 2020. You can find all Robi Internet packages from this website. Here is the lowest cost data package provided. If you like these packs, you can buy Robi Internet Offer 2020 from here. Robi is known as the secondlargest telecommunication company in Bangladesh. This company is well-known in all areas of Bangladesh. They currently provide 4.5G network service for customers.

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Robi has updated the internet offer on their official website. This new updated Internet package will be provided here. They added some new rules and canceled some. According to this rule, the data package is published here. If you try, you can use all of Robi’s internet offers from here. Here is a list of all the data packages. You can take any offer you like. Read all the information to get more internet offers. You can see other SIM offers from the website

Robi Internet Offer 2020:

Total Data Pack

Recharge (Taka)

Activation Code


250 MB46*123*110#28 Days
750 MB74*123*0074#14 Days
1 GB41*123*41#3 days
1GB (4G SIM)48*123*48#4 days
1GB (Free 100 SMS and 50 Minute )98*123*098#.7 days
1.1 GB101*123*101#7 Days
1.5 GB209*123*209#30 Days
4GB (512 MB 4G)316*123*316#28 Days
4GB (1GB 4G)108*123*0108#7 Days
4.5GB (1.5 GB 4G)148*123*0129#7 Days
10GB ( 3GB 4G)501*123*501#28 Days
10GB199*123*0199#7 Days
15GB649*123*649#28 Days
20GB911*123*0996#30 Days
30GB999*123*999#30 Days

Robi Internet Package 2020:

robi internet offer 2020

Here we provide the Internet package of 2020. Here is the price of the package with the activation code for all data packages to be received. However, in addition to taking internet offers, you can take SMS Pack and Minute Pack for free. If you want to get Robi Internet Offer 2020 you will need some USSD Code. All USSD codes are given here.

Total Data Pack

Recharge (Taka)

Activation Code


10 MB


1 day


45 MB


1 day


200 MB


1 day


200 MB


1 day


2 GB (Video pack)


2 days


1.5 GB Bonus 500 MB


7 days


1GB (250 MB,100 SMS, 50 Minute)


7 Days




7 days


3GB (500 MB, 150 SMS, 130 Min)


7 days


4GB Bonus 500 MB


7 days


4GB (2GB+ 2GB 4G)


7 days


6 GB (3GB 4G SIM)




10 GB (3GB 4GB Pack)

199 BDT

7 days


3GB (1GB, 200 SMS, 150 Minute) Bonus


30 days


20 GB


30 days


7GB Bonus 3GB 500 SMS 500 Minute


30 days


2 GB (1 GB Bonus)


30 days


30 GB Video pack


30 days


500 MB ( Bonus 500 MB)


30 days


350 MB


28 days


10 GB, 100 SMS, 100 Minute


30 days


30 GB (Bonus 20 GB, 2000 SMS, 2000 Minute)


30 days


7 GB


30 days


350 MB Social Pack


28 days


Robi 1GB Offer 2020:

Robi 1 GB @ 41 Tk offer: Are you looking to avail this offer for 3 days with Robi 1GB Internet for only 41 Tk? If you need a 1GB data pack you can take it. It will cost you Rs 41 to get this offer but it will expire 3 days. To get this offer dial * 123 * 41 #. This data pack can only be active by dialing the USSD Code.

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Robi 1 GB @ 48 Tk Pack: The Robi 1GB Internet package will cost you 48 Taka for 4 days. But this offer can only be used on 4.5G networks. If you are using a 4.5G network you can to take this offer. You need a recharge or USSD code to get this offer.  Dial * 123 * 48 # or recharge 48 Taka to get the offer. The internet expires 04 days.

Robi 1GB @ 98 Taka:

For 7 days you can buy 1 GB Internet only 98 Taka. Get 50 minutes and 100 SMS Pack free with him. This is a weekly Internet package. Currently, many customers search the internet for 1 week. You can pick up a 1GB offer from here. To start this offer dial * 123 * 098 #. Validity 07 days. Robi Internet Offer 2020 best offer.

Robi 1GB offer: Robi has released 1GB internet offer. Do you want to accept 1GB data offer? It will cost 128 bucks to receive this offer. Internet is 28 days. To activate the offer, dial * 123 * 128 # or recharge at 128 Tk.

Robi 4GB Internet Offer:

Dear Friends, Today we will see how to get Robi 4GB internet from here. If you like Robi 4GB internet offer, you can buy with just 108 Taka. This is an excellent Robi internet offer 2020. It has to be used with 4GB Internet 4G SIM. You will get 4GB internet to buy this package. To get this offer dial * 123 * 0108 #. The validity of 07 days.

Robi 4GB Pack:

If you would like to know about Dazzling Internet Offer then you can go to website. Here, Robi can get 4GB internet for 28 days only 316 Taka. From here, you need to use 512 MB internet 4G SIM. Robi Internet Offer can be the best internet for you. To Active this offer dial * 123 * 316 # Or Recharge 316 Taka (Auto Active). Internet period is 28 days.

Robi 4GB 179Tk offer:

Today I wish to share Robi 4GB Internet Packages. Customers can avail this offer for a period of one week. If you want to avail of this offer, it will cost Tk 179. You will get 4GB internet. With 500 MB internet bonus. Robi is a regular internet package. To start this 4GB Internet offer, dial * 123 * 179 # Or Recharges 179 BDT. Duration (with Active) 07 days.

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Robi 10 GB Offer:

Today Robi has released 10GB internet offer on their official website. We will share this offer with you today. Robi has given 10GB internet at 199 Tk for their customers. If you like this offer, you can buy it from here. Acquire 3GB 4G service through 10 GB. Customers should dial * 123 * 0199 # to avail this offer. The internet expires 07 days.

Robi 15GB Internet Offer:

We will be discussing 15GB internet offers today. However, Robi customers can enjoy all the data offers offered here. Robi has released 15 GB internet at just 649 Tk for 28 days. This data pack will be available for 15 GB internet. How do you buy a 15GB data package from here? Dial * 123 * 649 # if you wish to receive an offer. The period is 28 days.

Robi 20 GB Offer:

Did you know that Robi has released 20GB internet package? Offers a wide variety of internet offers for customers. However, this internet offer is a bit different from other packages. If a customer is looking for internet offer for a period of 1 month, then this offer will be excellent. It is longer than other Internet packages. You can buy 20GB Internet pack for only 911 Tk for 30 days. Dial * 123 * 0996 # to avail the offer. The validity of the data is 30 days.

  • SMS balance check * 222 * 12 #
  • Minute balance check * 222 * 8 #
  • Internet balance check * 8444 * 88 #
  • Source: Robi

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