Robi Monthly Internet Pack 2022 – 2GB, 4GB, 5GB, 7GB, 10GB & 20GB offer.


Robi monthly Internet Pack 2022: Today I will discuss with you Robi monthly Internet Pack 2022. The perfect place for those looking for monthly internet offers. Every Robi customer can buy Robi monthly internet offer from here on a regular basis.

If you want Robi Monthly Internet Offer down then you can safely pick it up here. We have created a table of Robi Monthly Internet Offers here.

Total Data
Price Active Code Validity
1.50 GB Tk. 209 *123*209# 30 days
1.5GB Tk. 209 *123*209# 30 days
2GB Tk. 239 *123*239# 28 days
2GB (0.5GB 4G)+150Min + 150 SMS Tk. 251 *123*251# 28 days
4GB Tk. 316 *123*316# 28 days
5GB+500Min + 100 SMS Tk. 599 *123*599# 30 days
7GB (2GB 4G) Tk. 399 *123*399# 28 days
7GB (any)+250Min+100 SMS Tk. 499 *123*999# *123*00999# 30 days
10GB Tk. 399 *123*399# 28 days
10GB (3GB 4G) Tk. 501 *123*501# 28 days
15GB Tk. 649 *123*649# 28 days
20GB+500Min+200 SMS TK. 999 *123*999# *123*00999# 30 days

Robi monthly Internet Pack 2022:

Many of us search for Robi Monthly internet offer packages. It is the right place. I will provide you with Robi monthly Internet Pack 2022 required data package today. All prepaid and postpaid customers will be able to avail Robi Monthly internet offer.

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Robi offers monthly internet offers for their customers at affordable prices. This is a regular Internet package. All Robi customers can avail the internet offers offered here and use those offers as per the required term.

Robi 1.5GB offer:

If you need a small amount of excellent internet offers monthly, I suggest you use the 1.5 GB Internet pack. This offer is priced at only 209 Taka. You will be able to avail this Internet offer for a period of 30 days.

  • To active this offer, dial * 123 * 209 #
  • Internet validity is 30 days.
  • You can buy multiple times.
  • The offer is applicable for all Robi customers.
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4GB internet offer: Guys, if you want to use 4GB internet pack for 28 days, it will cost you only 316 Taka. If you need a small amount of internet then this internet offer is most important to you. You can buy 5GB Internet pack by dialing USSD Code from here.

  • To start this offer, press * 123 * 316 #
  • This data packet expires 28 days.
  • This offer is priced at 316 Taka and 4GB internet.

7GB data pack:

Robi offers 7GB internet at a cheaper price. Applies to 5GB of any network and 2GB of 4G SIM within 1GB Internet pack. You are getting 7GB internet offer for only 399 Taka. This is Robi Monthly Internet offer 2022. You can dial the USSD Code and launch the package.

  • To active this offer, Press * 399 #
  • The internet offer period is 28 days.
  • 7GB internet is only 399 Taka and 2GB 4G pack.
  • All Robi customers will be able to enjoy the offer.
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Robi 10GB Internet offer:

What would it look like today if I were to give you a gift of Robi cheap internet offer. Hopefully this internet offer is very important for you. Robi has just given a package of 10GB internet offer for 399 Taka. This internet pack expires 30 days.

  • To get this offer, press * 123 * 399 #.
  • Internet pack expires 28 days.
  • The price of this pack is only 399 Taka.
  • All prepaid and postpaid customers will be able to enjoy this pack.

15GB internet pack:

Robi subscribers are getting 15 GB internet with only 649 Taka. You can enjoy all the prepaid and postpaid attractive internet offers. You can recharge this offer and buy by dialing USSD Code. However, the download speed is high because of the excellent internet offer.

  • To active this offer, dial * 123 * 649 # Or Recharges 649 Taka.
  • Internet period is 28 days.
  • Dial * 3 # to find balance.
  • Includes VAT, supplementary tariffs and surcharges.
Link: Robi Number check

Robi 20GB Internet offer:

Today I will discuss with you the details of Robi 20GB internet offer. Robi has released the largest 20GB Internet offer. This offer includes 500 minutes talk time and 200 SMS bundle offers.

You can buy 20GB internet offer for only 999 Taka. This excellent Robi Monthly Internet Offer 2022 will be available for all prepaid and postpaid customers to enjoy.

  • To start this offer, press * 123 * 999 # Or * 123 * 00999 #.
  • Internet validity is 30 days.
  • There are 500 minutes and 200 SMS free.
  • Dial * 3 # for Internet Balance
  • To check the minute balance, dial * 222 * 8 #
  • SMS Pack check dial * 222 * 12 #
  • Source: Robi

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