GP Social Pack 2021 (Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber) – Validity 30 Days


Hello friends, have you forgotten about the excellent GP offer? We have collected the excellent GP Social Pack 2021 for you. Today I will share with you GP great social media offers. Here are the Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Youtube and other social media packs. If you read our full article, you will find that GP gets excellent social offers. Which you can take up from here.

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We have prepared a list with this pack. So you can quickly view the packs. We’ve given this list below, you can see the list. If you like one of the packs on the list of GP Social Pack 2021, you can buy it here.

GP Social Pack 2021 (Any Social Media):

Total Data Pack Ativation Code Price (Tk) Validity
Facebook 26MB *121*3022# 1.64 3 Days
FB – 86MB *121*3023# 07 7 Days
FB- 340MB *121*3024# 20 28 Days
Whatsapp 26MB *121*3063# 2.61 3 Days
Viber Pack 26MB *121*3070# 2.61 3 Days
Video pack 46 MB *121*3020# 6.28 3 Days

Facebook Socail Pack:

FB 26MB 1.64Tk offer: GP offers great internet offers for Facebook users. They gave 26 MB internet with just 1.64 Taka. With which you can use Facebook. This pack is suitable for social media use only.

  • To get this offer Press *121*3022#
  • Facebook Validity is 03 Days.
  • With SD, SSD VAT+
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Facebook 86MB offer: Grameenphone has updated a new package for Facebook users. They offer 86 MB internet at a cheaper price. You can buy this offer from here. If you want to avail this offer, it will cost you 7 Taka. Activate if you like.

  • To Start this offer, diall *121*3023#
  • Data Validity is 07 Days.
  • Price only 7 Taka.
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GP Facebook 340MB offer:

After much waiting GP has released 340MB internet offer for 28 days. This excellent 340 MB internet costs just 20 Taka. Amazing internet offers for those who use Social Media, Facebook, Whattsapps. Use Facebook throughout the day to chat with friends. Activate your favorite data pack now.

  • To Activated this offer Press *121*3024#.
  • Data Volum 340 MB
  • Social Pack Validity 28 Days
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Whattsapps Social Pack:

Take your Whattsapps Social Media, an excellent internet pack for all. How can you buy 26 MB internet pack with 2.61 Taka. Get validity 03 days with it. Chat with friends on the most powerful networks. Share this joy among all friends. How would you like to get this Whattsapps Social Media Pack? Activate now, not too slow.

  • To active this offer dial *121*3063#
  • Whattsapps data pack validity is 03 days.
  • Buy this pack than cost 2.61 Taka.
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Viber Social offer:

Grameenphone offers amazing data for all types of social media. I will discuss today with Viber Social Pack in detail. For those who use Viber, GP offers the best. You can activate the offer with only 2.61 Taka for 03 days. This Social Pack contains 26 MB internet. Buy quickly if you like. Use 03 days. The activation code is given below:

  • To get this offer Press*121*3070#
  • Data validity 03 days.
  • This pack used only Viber pack.
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Youtube Social Pack:

GP has launched a 46 MB data pack for Youtube users. The period is also 03 days. If a customer would like to enjoy Youtube Social Pack then you can pick up this pack. From here you can buy 46 MB of data with only 6.28 taka.

  • To start this offer Dial *121*3020#
  • Validity 03 Days.
  • You can buy any time.
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General Information:

  • You can activate GP Social Pack 2021 via USSD, SMS, MyGP, WoW Box.
  • After activating the data pack, to start the Auto-Renu utility send [“ON” 25000] or dial * 121 * 3042 #.
  • To turn off the Auto-Renew feature send [“OFF” 25000] or dial * 121 * 3043 #
  • If the customer buys the offer before the expiration, the renewal will be extended again.
  • GP Data Balance Check, Press *121*1*4#
  • 3G network area is required for high speed internet access.
  • During the campaign, you can take Social Pack.
  • Source: Grameenphone

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