GP Internet Offer 2021 (Update) – গ্রামীণফোনের নতুন অফারগুলো দেখুন


Welcome to GP Internet Offer 2021 for everyone (new update). Today I will show you how you can buy GP internet offer from this website. Grameenphone has a lot of great internet offers on this website. GP has updated their internet offer some day ago. We are provided GP all new internet offer in here. Which you can use by activating the required internet offer at a cheaper price.

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I have made a list of all of them by Grameenphone Internet Offer 2021 (New Update Pack) here. The list also includes Grameenphone’s regular and cheap internet offers. You can purchase the required internet offer from the GP update list.

GP Internet Offer 2021 (Activation Code with validity):

The GP Internet offer is available to all prepaid and postpaid customers. If you are a GP subscriber, you can avail GP Internet Offer 2021 from here. See the list below and choose one of the offers?

Here we have given all the internet offers of GP and published each offer in a separate category. There we also published daily internet offers, weekly internet offers and monthly internet offers. Moreover here you will find social internet and IMO pack. See the list below and choose one of the offers?

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Grameenphone Daily Internet offer:

Dear friends, today I have prepared a list of Grameenphone’s daily internet offers. This list includes the best internet offers that you can purchase at cheap prices. If you want to purchase good and regular internet offers then you can purchase the following internet offers. Here are all the data offers of GP in 03 days period

Data Volume Data Price Activation Code Validity
5MB Tk. 2.74 *121*3002# 3 days
512MB Tk. 28 *121*3256# 3 days
1GB (512MB + 512MB 4G) Tk. 38 *121*3366# 3 days
1GB Tk. 46 *121*3399# 3 days
2.5GB (2GB+512MB 4G) Tk. 57 *121*3242# 3 days
3.5GB (3GB+512MB 4G) Tk. 69 *121*3282# 3 days
4.5GB (3GB+1.5GB 4G) Tk. 76 MY GP Apps 3 days
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Grameenphone Weekly Internet offer:

Today I have brought with you GP’s weekly internet offer. I hope you like these internet offers. Here are the best internet offers at the lowest prices. Every Grameenphone customer can purchase all these internet offers. Below is a list of internet offers –

Data Volume Data Price Activation Code Validity
1GB Tk. 77 *121*3056# 7 days
2GB Tk. 98 *121*3322# 7 days
5GB (4GB+1GB) Tk. 114 *121*3344# 7 days
6GB (4G) Tk. 124 *121*3434# 7 days
8GB Tk. 148 *121*3262# 7 days
12GB (10GB + 2GB 4G) Tk. 198 *121*3133# 7 days

Grameenphone Monthly Internet offer:

Today you will be happy to hear, today I have prepared a new list of GP’s monthly internet offer for you. If you need monthly internet offer then you can purchase any one internet offer from here. All GP customers will be able to purchase these internet offers at affordable prices for 30 days. Below is a list of internet offers.

Data Volume Data Price Activation Code Validity
1GB Tk. 189 *121*3282# 30 days
3GB Tk. 289 *121*3391# 30 days
5GB Tk. 299 *121*3458# 30 days
8GB Tk. 349 *121*3474# 30 days
10GB  (2GB 4G) Tk. 399 *121*3392# 30 days
10GB 4G (300 Min) Tk. 599 *121*3448# 30 days
15GB Tk. 498 *121*3459# 30 days
20GB (4G) Tk. 499 *121*3435# 30 days
25GB 4G + 600min Tk. 989 *121*3450# 30 days
25GB (5GB 4G) Tk. 649 *121*3393# 30 days
50GB (20GB 4G) Tk. 998 *121*3394# 30 days
60GB (4G) Tk. 999 *121*3436# 30 days
100GB (4G) Tk. 1499 *121*3437# 30 days
200GB (4G) Tk. 1999 *121*3438# 30 days
2GB (Skype, Zoom) Tk. 83 *121*3463# 30 days
4GB (Skype, Zoom) Tk. 261 *121*3403# 30 days
10GB (Skype, Zoom) Tk. 435 *121*3404# 30 days

GP Tiktok Offer 2021:

Grameenphone has come up with another great internet offer for all its customers. The name of this internet package is GP Tiktok Internet Offer. This is Grameenphone’s Social Tiktok internet offer. If you want to enjoy their Social Tiktok offer, come to Grameenphone. This internet offer is a very nice internet offer for Tiktok users. You can purchase this internet offer at low price. We have prepared a list below about this offer. You can purchase and use all Tiktok packs from that list.

Data Volume Data Price Activation Code Validity
500 MB (Tiktok) Tk. 23 *121*3270# 3 days
1GB (Tiktok) Tk. 55 *121*3271# 7 days
1GB (Tiktok) Tk. 101 *121*3272# 30 days

Grameenphone Microsoft Internet Packages:

Good news for Grameenphone all customers! Every Grameenphone customers will be able to purchase all types of Microsoft Communication Internet offers at low prices. They have launched Microsoft Communications Internet offer for all customers. Customers can purchase this internet package for all types of communication with Skype, Zoom and Microsoft.

Grameenphone has launched various types and many Microsoft communication internet offers. You can enjoy any of their Microsoft communication internet offers to purchase. Below is a list of Microsoft Communications Internet offers. Each customer will be able to purchase the Microsoft Communications Internet offer. GP Internet offer 2021 and all information here.

Data Volume Data Price Activation Code Validity
2GB (Microsoft) Tk. 83 *121*3463# 7 days
4GB (Microsoft) Tk. 261 *121*3403# 30 days
10GB (Microsoft) Tk. 435 *121*3404# 30 days
20GB (Microsoft) Tk. 567 *121*3405# 30 days
30GB (Microsoft) Tk. 723 *121*3273# 30 days
40GB (Microsoft) Tk. 819 *121*3274# 30 days

Every day people search Grameenphone internet for their needs. We have collected all the GP internet offers for them on this website. If you need GP internet offer, you can take multiple offers from here. You can safely take offers from this website.

GP internet offer 2020 list

Remember, if you want to receive Grameenphone offers you need to dial in recharge or USSD code. Listed above is a list of GP Internet Offer 2021 (Regular Pack). The amount of GP Internet is specified. And activation code is also given.

GP 85 MB Offer :

GP has offered 85MB internet for short-term. If you wish, you can easily buy the MB offer from here. If you want to get 85MB internet offer then it will cost you 28 Taka. Data validity is 7 days. To activate the offer Dial * 121 * 3004 #.

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GP 115 MB Tk.58 Offer :

GP 115 MB internet price 58 taka for 30 days. It is excelled by gp internet offer 2021. You need to dial a USSD code to receive this offer. To get this offer, dial * 121 * 3005 #. The duration of the MB is 30 days.

GP 200 MB 4 Tk Offer :

Only those who download this apps will be able to pick up this pack. First you have to click on Hotdiles of MyGP Apps to get 200 MB Offer. Then you can see the 200 MB offer here. If you want to buy the offer, you need to have a balance of 5 TK on your mobile. After clicking on this offer, you will get 200 MB internet. Duration is 03 days.

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GP MB Offer 2021:

Data Volume Price Activation Code Validity
Whatapp pack 26MB 2.61 *121*3063# 3
Viber pack 26 MB 2.61 *121*3070# 3
Facebook 1.64 *121*3022# 3
Emergency data loan (12MB) 5 *121*3021# 3
Facebook 20 *121*3024# 28
Facebook 6.56 *121*3023# 7

GP has published super MB offer along with other packages. These MB offers are either short term and small quantity. If you think this offer is perfect for you, you can take this offer. Here you can get low cost and high-cost MB offers. Here are the best offers of the GP MB Offer 2021.

GP MB Offer 2020

GP 350 MB Offer :

You can get GP’s 350 MB internet offer with only 33 Taka. The duration of this MB offer is 3 days. However, the 350MB data pack is a regular offer. If you want to avail the internet offer then take it. Dial * 121 * 3083 # to avail the offer.

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GP 555MB Internet Pack :

Did you know that the GP 555MB internet price 149 Taka? Because you are receiving this offer for a period of 28 days. It is called the monthly MB package. You can dial * 121 * 3007 # to get this offer. Enjoy your purchased internet. The validity is 28 days.

GrameenPhone 1538 Offer :

Hello Friends, Thank you for watching and reading this offer. All of you use the Internet. Today I will talk about GP internet offers. You can get GP 1538 MB internet offer from here for only 239 Tk. Now You can buy 1538 MB internet pack for 15 days. You can dial * 121 * 3027 # to avail this offer. 30 days of validity. All MB offers offered here are published on their official website.

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GP 1GB Offer 2021:

Today GP is going to share interesting 1GB internet offer. GP has released 1GB internet offer at a cheaper rate for each customer. You can buy GP1GB internet offers from here. From here you are given the opportunity to accept the offer. We have made a list of GP 1GB internet offers here. The details are given below –

GP 1GB offer 2020
Data Volume Price Activation Code
GP 1GB 5Tk offer *500*45# 7 days
GP 1GB 9Tk offer *121*5233# 28 days
GP 1GB 12Tk offer *121*5174# 03 days
GP 18Tk 1GB offer *121*3234# 8 hours
GP 1GB internet 21Tk *121*5097# 7 days
1GB 31 BDT *121*5087# 5 days
1GB offer 50 BDT *121*3390# 30 days

GP 1GB 9Tk Offer :

GP has the most attractive internet offer, if 1 GB internet offers 9 Taka. This offer is very popular for all GP customers. It may also be the lowest-priced Internet offer you have.

If you want to activate the 1GB pack for 28 days, you will need to dial a USSD code. With this code you can bought from here. Dial *5020*2017# or *121* 5233# to start the offer. Internet 28 days. You can take this offer 4 times.

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GP 1GB 12 Taka offer:

Today I will share with you the excellent Internet offer of GP 1GB 12 Taka offer. This internet offer is only available to GP special subscribers. If you try to get this offer, you can get one. This is an inexpensive internet package from GP. Every special customer can avail this internet offer up to five times. To avail this offer dial * 121 * 5174 #. The Internet pack expires 03 days.

GP 1GB 89TK Pack :

You can bought gp 1gb internet 89 Taka price for 7 days. If you buy this offer you will get 1024 MB internet. If you want to get this great internet offer it will cost only 89 Taka. This offer can be purchased by any customer. You can dial *121*3056# to receive the offer. The internet expires 10 days.

GP 1GB 17TK Offer :

GP is inviting their customers to offer 1GB data. Thousands of people is searching 1GB data offer only 17 Taka. It’s nice internet pack. Here you can buy 1GB internet only 17 Taka for 7 days. If you would like this offer press *5020*2017#. Internet validity 07 days. This offer can be used anytime.

Regular Pack: 1GB 189TK

If you will want buy 1GB internet offer for 30 days, you can get the pack for only 189 Taka. You will get 30 days of internet validity. To actives this offer presses USSD Code. You need 1GB date pack for only 189 Taka. Please to activate the offer press *121*3390#. You can take this offer.

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GP Internet Packages 2021 :

Today i will give suggestion you. If you buy the GP Internet Packages for the most benefit . Here low price internet gets you. But some internet packages lot a high price. So the amount of internet here is a bit higher.


Buy GP 2GB 57 TK :

Grameenphone has been publishing 2GB internet package in 2021 with only 57 (BDT). If you bought this internet package then you get 2048 MB. It is a regular internet offer for all GP Customer. 

All customers will be able to purchase and use this internet package. The 2GB data pack cost only 57 Taka. To start this offer dial *121*3242# or recharge 57 Taka. Data validity 3 days (72 Hours)

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Latest 3GB offer:

You can bought GP 3 GB internet with only 108 Taka. Its 3GB internet offer will be used by GP all per-paid customer. You can has been buy 3 GB data pack just 108 Taka of validity 7 days. This pack is stronger than other Internet packages. To avail this offer, dial *121*3344# or recharge 108 Taka. This pack validity 07 days.

How to Buy 8GB 148TK :

Grameenphone 8GB internet offer has been launched. It’s has been offering also revealed a price. From here, if you want to buy 8GB internet package (2GB 4G SIM) with 148 Taka, you can buy.

By shall be purchasing this package you will get 8,144 MB internet. Many people search for this internet offer. To get this offer, dial *121*3262#. The Internet expires on 07 days. Applicable to all Grameenphone customers.

GP 10GB Offer 2021 :

Today I will share with you some essential internet offers. This offer can be very important and useful to you. Here GP has released 10 GB data pack which is worth only 198 Taka.

This offer expires in 07 days. You can take the offer by Activation Code if you wish. And this 10 GB pack will cost 198 Taka. Dial *121*3133# to activate this offer. Than easily buy this pack.

GP Customer Care Number

GP 15GB 498 Taka:

Good news for GP customers! For each customer only 498 Taka, GP has come with 15GB internet offer. This Internet offer is expiring 30 days.

You can buy this offer by dialing USSD Code. GP is applicable to all prepaid and postpaid customers. To start this offer, dial * 123 * 3459 #. Internet pack expires 30 days.

  • To active this offer, Press * 123 * 3459 #
  • Internet period is 30 days.
  • The offer applies to all GP customers.
  • The offer will continue until further notice.
  • Auto renew does not apply.

Today GP 15GB 649 Tk:

Recently 15GB internet has been provided for all GP customers. Users can buy this package for 30 days. This is GP’s new data pack. The GP 15 GB internet price is only 649 Taka.

Link: Teletalk Number check

You can buy this 15GB Internet offer for 649 Taka with 30 days. This is awesome internet packages for GP user. Dial *121*3393# to activate the offer.

Now GP 30GB 998TK Offer:

GP has been released the largest 30GB Internet offer on official website. You can get the 30 GB pack with 998 Taka. There is more internet than other data packs.

You are also getting validity 30 days. I suggest those who need more internet monthly can buy this offer. You can activate this pack with the code. To get the offer, dial *121*3394#.

GP 50GB Offer :

Hi friends, What about you. Hope you are well. Grameenphone brings wonderful internet offer! They have released 50 GB internet offer on their official website.

Link: Robi Number check

Which you can pick up from here. This Internet package is applicable for 4G customers. If you are GP 4G Internet user you can purchase. To get this offer Press *121*3436#. The internet expires 03 days. To verify if your SIM is 4G, dial *121*3232#. Applicable to all GP customers.

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