GP 1GB Offer 2022 – GP 1GB 9TK, 7TK, 12TK, 14TK, 17TK, 19TK, 22TK, 89TK


Welcome to GP 1GB Offer 2022. Everyday GP gives customers new internet packages. GP 1GB Internet offers the most important for a customer. Everyone want this awesome internet offer. Every users use Internet every day purpose.

So they find best and cheapest offer all time. Sometimes they find or sometimes not. We are busy at our own work. Don’t worry that’s why we are collect all awesome GP 1GB Offer for you. At present, we cannot go on without the internet. All offer are given below and check which offer you can purchase.

GP 1GB Offer 2022:

You look for low-cost internet offer. This is the right place for low-cost internet offers. Here you find best low cost 1GB Internet offer packages. I suggest you can purchase this offer. It is the best internet offer. Here you find GP 1GB 9TK, GP 1GB 12TK, GP 1GB 38TK, GP 1GB46TK, GP 1GB 19TK, GP 1GB 22TK, GP 1GB 77TK get this offer. Any time can you buy this offer?

Data Volume Data Price Activation Code Validity
1GB Tk. 9 *500*45# 7 days
1GB Tk. 12 *121*5174# 3 days
1GB (512MB + 512MB 4G) Tk. 38 *121*3366# 3 days
1GB Tk. 46 *121*3399# 3 days
1GB Tk. 18 *121*3234# 8 hours
1GB Tk. 77 *121*3056# 7 days
1GB Tk. 189 *121*3282# 28 days
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GP 1 GB 9 TK :

gp internet offer - 1gb 9tk offer

Now you can get 1GB internet only 9Tk. Everyone called this pack offers super internet. You can buy this offer. You can easily purchase the offer from our website. To get the offer dial *121*5085# or *5020*2217#. Internet validity is 28 days. You can buy the offer any time in 24 hours.

GP 1 GB 7 TK :

gp 1gb 7tk

Hey, another 1 gb offer for GP users. GP excellent internet offer 2022. This offer not for all GP users but you must try to buy this pack. This internet pack is the cheapest offer on gramophone.

GP has released this great internet pack for all their customers on their official website. If you buy this GP 1 gb 7 taka for 7 days. Than dial this code dial this code *121*5242#. You also find this offer on MyGP apps.

GP 1 GB 12 TK :

GP 1GB 12 Tk offer

GP 1GB Internet only 12 Taka released the offer. This offer is for super internet customers. For those who use the Internet less, GP is offering it. You can try to get this offer. If you want to buy the offer dial *121*5174#. Expiration is 3 days. You can buy this offer maximum 5 times. So this great offer for you.

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GP 1 GB 14 TK :

Here is also available GP super internet offer. GP 1 gb internet 14 taka. Grameenphone provide this offer for their special users. If you buy this offer than must try to buy this post.

This offer is very popular. All GP customers want buy this pack. This offer expiry date is 7 days. There are two dial code if one is not correct than you also try other code dial *121*5030# or *121*5306#.

GP 1GB 17 TK :

GP 1gb 17tk offer

GP 1GB 17 Taka is the most popular internet package. Each customer can safely use this offer. Internet volume is 1GB. You can easily buy the offer by dialing USSD code. To start this offer dial *121*5174# or *121*5003#. Internet Validity is 03 Days / 07 Days. You can buy this offer maximum 5 times.

GP 1 GB 19 TK :

GP low price offer. This another awesome internet offer for Grameenphone users. You can also try to buy this offer. This offer validity is 7 Days. To buy this offer just dail *121*5082#. You can buy this offer at only 19 taka.

GP 1 GB 21 TK :

Another super internet offer for GP customers. GP 1 GB internet offer at only for 21 Taka. You can also try to buy this offer at cheap price. Dial *121*5097# to buy this awesome offer. This offer expiry date is 7 days.

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GP 1 GB 22 TK :

GrameenPhone 1 GB Offer 2022. Now GP subscribers receive 1 GB internet at only 22 TK. GP 1GB 22Tk new internet offer. If you want to buy this pack than dial *121*5036#. Offer validity of 16 hours. Use this offer at any time.

gp 1gb 22tk

GP 1 GB 31 TK :

GP 1 GB internet for just only 31 Taka. This offer validity is 5 days. You can buy this offer for your daily purpose. Just dial *121*5087# to buy this super offer. I hope you enjoy this offer.

GP 1 GB 89 TK :

Welcome to your GP Regular Internet. GP 1GB Internet is only 89 Taka. All GP customers will be able to use this pack. The 1GB pack is a fast Internet offer. Each user can use the offer for download, browsing, Facebook and more. This data pack can run faster than other Internet packages. To get this offer dial *121*3056#. The internet expires 07 days.

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GP 1GB Offer Terms:

  • All data Volume – 1GB Packs
  • You can buy multiple times.
  • All Prepaid & Post-paid customers will only need to buy using USSD code.
  • To internet balance check for dial *121*1*4#.
  • Data pack can use 2G/3G/4G networks.
  • With SD, VAT & SC Included.
  • This all offer not for all GP users.

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