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Grameenphone offers super minutes for customers. GP Minute Offer 2020. Now, Grameenphone can get 500, 340, 90, 75, 40, 24, 10-minute Talktime packages at low cost. A new publication has been published on the Grameenphone website. All customers can enjoy this offer.  Over 70 million people in Bangladesh use GP network services.

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gp minute offer
gp minute offer

Those connected to the GP network can avail this minute offer. Check GP Internet Offer. The best mobile network operator company GP recently updated the new GP minutes offer. You can safely buy all GP offers. In this post GP minute, offers are given in the form of tables. If you want to get offers from here, you can read the entire article but take it.

GP Minutes Offer

Total Minutes Data PriceActive CodeValidity
10 MinutesTk. 5.70*121*4024#06 hours
25Tk. 14*121*4001#16 hours
40Tk. 24*121*4002#24 hours
70Tk. 44*121*4003#4 days
85 + 50 SMSTk. 53* 121 * 4004 #07 days
100Tk. 59* 121 * 4205 #07 days
130Tk. 78*121*4026#07 days
125Tk. 78* 121 * 4026 #07 days
160Tk. 99* 111 * 300 #07 days
200Tk. 113*121*4007#10 days
340Tk. 199*121*4018#30 days
410Tk. 237*121*4008#15 days
500 MinutesTk. 288*121*5074#30 days

GP 500 minutes to 288 TK:


Now GP Customer gets a new minutes offer! You can buy 500 minutes at GP 288 Taka only. The biggest minute’s package. GP subscribers will be able to use 500 minutes (GP-any local operator). Dial * 121 * 5074 # to buy the offer. Minute validity 30 days. To know the minute balance, dial * 121 * 1 * 2 #.

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GP 400 minutes 233 Taka:

Great minute running in the GP. Now GP customers will be able to buy 400 minutes for only 233 Taka. Can purchase 400 minutes (any local operator). GP official website published the 400minute offer. Get a GP minute offer by dialing * 121 * 4008 #. The validity period is 15 days. The most popular mobile minutes offer in Bangladesh.

GP Minute offer 2020 : GP 200 @ 117 Tk:

gp minute offer

Now GP 200 minutes offer at 117 TK. GP publishes the lowest minimum minutes offer. The amount of GP package is 200 minutes. Dial * 121 * 4007 # to avail the offer. Ten minutes of ten minutes. GP Customer will get 200 Minutes (GP-Any Local Operator) used.

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Grameenphone 160 Minutes offer:

Grameenphone has released interesting minute offers on their official website. These minute offers will be very necessary and nice for you. GP just released a new package for customers for 160 minutes at 99 Taka. If you wish to purchase the 160 minute offer for a period of 07 days, you can purchase. 160 minutes to dial * 111 * 300 # or * 121 * 4006 # to take the offer. By dialing you will get 160 minutes (any operator).

GP 125 Minute Packs:

GP came up with a nice package for talking more. Here you will talk to friends all day. With just 78 Taka on Grameenphone powerful network, you are getting a great 125 minute pack. If you want to purchase this minute package then you can purchase it from here. This will be available for all prepaid and postpaid customers. To get this offer dial * 121 * 4026 #. The internet is up to 07 days. Can be used on GP and any local network.

130 Minutes 78 TK: Buy GP Minute Pack Lowest Price. GP 130 minutes to just 78 Taka. GP customers can enjoy the minute offer. Dial * 121 * 4026 # To take a minute pack. Expiry 7 days. It can be used anytime within 24 hours.

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GP 100 Minutes offer:

Grameenphone has just released the 100 minute package. This is a great minute offer that everyone likes. This minute pack can be purchased for only 59 Taka. You’re getting 100 minutes with a 07-day period. To active this offer Press * 121 * 4205 #. This minute period can be used for 07 days and 24 hours a day. The voice call has a pulse of 10 seconds.

GP 90 Minute 53 Taka:

Grameenphone 90 minute pack

Get a GP New minute offer. Now, GP 90 minutes Talk Time offer only 53 TK. With 50 SMS free.  All customers can easily buy 90 minutes of the offer. But you have to buy the 90-minute offer with 53TK, plus VAT. To purchase a minute pack, dial *121*4004#. Package expires 07 days.

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85 minutes offer:

How would you like it, if I were to discuss GP’s minute offer today at a cheaper price. Hopefully you will stay with us and listen carefully to the words and help me. GP offers 85 minutes talk-time for only 53 Taka and will get 50 SMS for free. These purchased minutes can be used by any local operator. Dial * 121 * 4004 # to receive 85 minutes offer. Expiration is 07 days.

GP 75 minutes 44 Tk:

You can buy a minute offer from GP easily. Here are the easiest methods to get GP minute offers. Only 45 Taka will be available in the GP for 75 minutes. The lowest price minutes offer. To activate the offer dial * 121 * 4003 #. Expires 04 days.

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GP 40 Minutes 24 Tk:

GP Mini Minute package offers. You can get GP Minute Offer via FlexPlan or by dialing USSD code. Here’s a 40-minute mini pack. The sale price is Tk 24. The 40 minutes of talk time in the GP is only 24 Taka. To get this offer dial * 121 * 4002 #. 24 Minute offer Validity 24 hours.

GP 25 Minutes 14 Tk:

GP customers can avail 25 minutes of talk time with only 14 Taka. Do you want to accept this offer? However, you can enjoy the 25-minute package. This offer is the best among GP minute offer. If you like the minute pack, you can take it. Dial * 121 * 4001 # to get this offer. The 24-minute offer validity is 16 hours.

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  • GP provides internet information and information about Grameenphone minutes packages. You can find all information about Grameenphone Internet, Minutes and SMS packages on our website 2020.
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GP Minute Offer – Terms:

  • GP subscribers will get minutes (GP – any local Number).
  • After the expiry of the pack, the customer’s minutes will be canceled.
  • To check the balance of minutes dial * 121 * 12 #.
  • Purchased minutes (any local operator) will be talked about.

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