GP Internet offer – Grameenphone All Internet Package 2019


Are you looking for Grameenphone Internet Offer? GP Internet Offer is the best data Service Company. This post will get GP Internet Offer 2019. Grameenphone is the most powerful telecom company in Bangladesh. According to daily Jugantar report, more than 57 million subscribers have so far. But Grameenphone is adding new subscribers daily.

They provide different types of services to provide services to their customers. Benefits include talk time, internet bonus, free internet offer and minute offers. This post provides useful information about GP Internet Offer/GP Internet Package. Here is all the information about GP Internet Offer 2019. Every day Grameenphone updates the internet.

gp internet offer

This post provides useful information about GP Internet Offer and Grameenphone Internet Package. You can find all the information about 2019. GP Internet package on our website. All GP internet offers to update the article every day in 2019. Grameenphone has thousands of customers browsing the internet every day. All information on this website takes a new pack. This is the most powerful internet company in Bangladesh.

GP Internet Offer All List:

Grameenphone offers various types of internet packages. 1 weekly and 1 monthly internet offer. Every customer has different expectations and expectations. For this, GP company has introduced Internet service in a few ways. The following are the Internet offers:

GP Weekly Internet offer

SL. No Total Internet  Package Package Cost USSD Code Validity
01 35 MB 37 Taka pack *121*3003# 7 Days
02 75 MB 56 Tk *121* 3004# 7 Days
03 250 MB 31 Taka *121*3038# 3 Days
04 2GB 44Tk *121*3242#  2 Days
05 1GB offers 86Tk *121*3056# 7 Days
06 4GB Internet 179 Taka *121*3084# 7 Days
07 6GB 148 Taka *121*3262# 7 Days
08 10GB 198 Tk *121*3133# 7 Days

GP 1 Monthly Internet Offer:

1 month = 30 days. Grameenphone Internet Service Company has given 1-month internet pack. So that Grameenphone customers can use the internet for the entire month. But the amount of monthly internet package is a little more expensive than other offers. This offer can use the internet anytime within 1 month. The offers are given below:

Grameenphone Monthly Internet Package

SL. NO Totol Internet Pack Package Cost USSD Number Validity
01  1GB Pack 189 Tk *121*3390#  28 Days
02 1.5 GB offer 229 Tk *121*3027#  28 Days
03 3GB 279 Tk *121*3391# 28 Days
04 3.5 GB (1GB Reg+1GB 4G) 337 Tk *121*3009# 28 Days
05 5 GB 399 Tk *121*3391# 28 Days
06 6 GB 609 Tk *121*3012# 28 Days
07 10 GB 649 Tk *121*3393# 28 Days
08 20 GB 998 Tk *121*3394# 28 Days

This new thing is the time to purchase a new internet. To purchase the internet every day, customers do Google Search. To make your search more interesting, we offer Grameenphone Internet Offer / Grameenphone Offer / GP Internet Package for you on our site. There is a list of all Grameenphone internet packages. Daily is listed according to new information. I have tried to update the Grameenphone Internet Offer list on our website. This list is only for GP Internet Offer.

Grameenphone Social Internet Offer:

Grameenphone offers Internet service for social services. GP customers provide Internet packages for Facebook and IMO and all other social media. If you want to purchase Social Pack, you can purchase it from here.

gp internet offer

Grameenphone is a standard service company for all social offers. All social packages are given below: –

SL NO Package Deatils Charge USSD Active Code Validity
01 Whatsapp pack 20MB 2.5 BDT *121*3063# 1 Days
02 Viber 20 MB pack 6 Taka *121*3070# 1 Days
03 Daily Heavy Video Pack 5 Taka *121*3020# 1 Days
04 Emergency data loan(10MB) 5 Tk *121*3021# 2 Days
05 Facebook 1 Day 1.5 Taka *121*3022# 1 Days
06 Facebook 7 Day 6 Taka *121*3023# 7 Days
07 Facebook 28 Day 18 Taka *121*3024# 28 Days

Grameenphone Social Packge 18 Taka 28 Days:

If you are a Grameenphone subscriber, you can purchase Facebook Socal Pack for the lowest price and more. Stay active with Facebook throughout the day. GP customers can use this offer. ‍A Socail pack is useful for MB purchases at the lowest price. At 18 Taka, the GP Pack can run internet for 28 days. Dial * 121 * 3024 # for for pack. The validity is 28 days.

GP Social Pack 6 Taka 7 Day:

Grameenphone can buy 7 days for 6 Taka. You can take a social pack at an affordable cost. Dial * 121 * 3023 # to avail this offer. The validity is 7 days. This offer is being used by more people in Bangladesh. Grameenphone’s Regular Social Package * 121 * 3023 #

Grameenphone New Internet Package 2019

GP 500 MB @ 5Tk Data:

Here I will tell you about an amazing offer at a very cheap rate and 500 MB with 5 Take. Can you buy 500 MB internet data pack with only 5 Taka? How to buy 500 MB with 5 TK. So, to activate this offer, you need to dial * 121 * 3809 #. This offer is valid for 7 days. But there is a condition for this offer. Once upon a time, this offer can be purchased. If you have used earlier, then sorry. For the first time in Grameenphone, downloading MyGP Apps will get 500 MB of internet only 5 Taka. Please register this offer with MyGP Apps.

GP 1GB 5Tk

This is the best internet offer for Grameenphone. They always offer offers at lower prices for the improvement of their customers. GP 1GB @ 5TK offers one of them. To activate this offer, dial * 500 * 45 #. This is a weekly internet data package. Internet package for 2G and 3G users. The user can use 500 MB of this offer to open the rest of the 500 MB for the use of Facebook.

GP Internet offer – GP 1GB Internet 9Tk:

gp internet offer - 1gb 9tk offer

GP 1 GB internet only 9 TK. GP Internet Offer is the lowest price internet offer in 2019. If you like the internet offer then you can purchase the pack. This offer is GP Internet Offer 2019. You can buy 1 GB 9 Take offer. Dial * 5020 * 5085 # or * 5020 * 2211 # to avail internet offer. Validity 28 days. You can take four times the offer.

GP 1GB 19TK:

Grameenphone is another new offer on the internet, which is a GP 1GB Internet 19Tk. Get up early and buy the offer. It costs 19 Take as a cost. The amount of internet is 1 GB. To get this offer, dial * 5020 * 2218 #. Duration time 14 days.

GP 1GB 21 Taka:

This package is one of Grameenphone Internet offers. GP 1 GB data pack is only 21 Taka The internet offer 2019. GP 21 Taka @ 1GB internet offer purchase. To purchase the offer, dial * 5020 * 3335#. Expiry 7 days.

GP 1 GB 22 TK

Grameenphone 1 GB Internet Offer 2019. GP new internet Offer 2019.  Now GP subscribers receive 1 GB internet at only 22 Taka. Browsing the Internet all day long. GP 1GB 22Tk New offer. Dial *121*5036# to avail the offer. Offer validity of 16 hours. Useful at any time.

Grameenphone Internet offer 2019 – All Data Package

GP 1GB 24 Taka

How to purchase GP 1GB Internet. The largest savings offer in Bangladesh. 1 GB internet package is available at 24 Taka. Every Grameenphone customer can take it. To get this offer, dial *121*000#. Expiry 7 days. Every customer can buy 1 time or purchase more than once.

GP 2GB 44 Tk offer:

GP Internet offer

GP has recently updated the new internet. Grameenphone customers can get 2 GB of internet @ 44 TK. GP Internet Offer is a great internet package of the year 2019. All Grameenphone subscribers will be able to use 44 Tk @ 2GB data pack. To avail this offer, dial * 121 * 3242 #. Internet Offer Validity for 3 days (72 hours).

Grameenphone 1 GB 86 Taka:

Grameenphone 1 GB Regular Internet Offer. GP 1 GB internet at only 86 Taka.  All customers are eligible for purchase. Dial * 121 * 3056 # to avail the offer. Validity time is 7 days. If Grameenphone is a subscriber, then you can purchase offers.

GP 4GB 179Tk Pack:

GP4 GB internet package. Now the Grameenphone brings new Internet offer 2019.  4 GB internet at GP 179 Taka.  To purchase the data pack, dial * 121 * 3084 #. With this data you can use the pack for all the tasks. Internet validity is 7 days. Offer can be purchased multiple times.

Grameenphone 6 GB 148 Taka:

Grameenphone 6 GB internet only 148 Tk. You get 148 Taka 6 GB (3 GB regular data + 3GB 4G data) in the GP. GB regular internet packs can be enjoyed by all customers. Dial * 121 * 3262 # to avail this offer. Internet validity is 7 days. (Activation time + 6 days). Stay in the network with the one-moon network.

GP Internet offer – GP 10 GB 198Tk

GP Internet offer - 10GB 198 Taka

This offer is a Grameenphone 10 GB internet package. GP Internet Offer – Among them, this is a big data offer. The package is 10 GB. 10 GB internet at just 198 Tk 10GB (5GB Regular + 5GB 4G data Only). To avail the offer, dial * 121 * 3133# or recharge 198 Taka. Validity 7 days.

If you think you will use the internet.  Then we have many questions in mind. Use the Internet with a SIM. If you use the internet with a SIM, more internet is available at a lower price. Internet speed will be good. This kind of thing appears in front of us. At present, on the basis of Bangladesh, more than 60% of the people are using Grameenphone internet. Because Bangladesh has the highest Grameenphone internet service capability in Bangladesh. You can use this SIM for GP internet offer. They have for the network in Bangladesh.

Grameenphone offers a cure:

GrameenPhone offers all the major types of big electricity packages. If you think you want to take 5MB of internet, you can purchase 20 GB internet pack. The validity of every internet pack is from 3 days to 30 days.

  • Every day people in Bangladesh use the internet. Although the demand of each person is not the same. Someone purchases a low-cost data pack, and someone purchases a large internet pack. To set up the tower for GrameenPhone network, GP customers have installed the towers for use in the home. This tower used the fastest internet mega power. But more than the city’s internet users from the village. The city has internet speed and more.

GP Internet offer- Terms:

  • To activate this all package, dial * 121 #
  • The data pack is applicable to all GP customers.
  • The offer is not for Skitto customers!
  • The GP customer is re-purchasing this data package will be added to the new pack.
  • GP Internet Balance Check dial * 121 * 1 * 4 #.