GP Internet Packages 2022 – GP 1GB 9TK (28 Days)


We know what kind of internet offer you are looking for in internet. GP has given you a great internet package. GP Internet Packages 2022 is a low-cost internet pack. And GP Bangladesh is the first mobile network service provider. Grameenphone released the best internet offer for 2022.

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In this page I have prepared a list with GP wonderful internet offers. A table has been prepared so you can easily mark internet offers. If you like the data pack from this list then you can activate by dialing the Activation Code.

GP Internet Packages 2022:

GP means Super internet bundle offer. There is a great internet and wonderful minute pack. They offer amazing internet offers to keep customers happy. If you ask me which is the fastest internet service company in Bangladesh? I would call it Grameenphone.

They are always champions in providing best and fast internet services. Grameenphone is offering low cost internet for every customer. GP all Internet package related offer is provided here :

Data Volume Price Activation Code Validity
5MB Tk. 2.62 *121*3002# 3
350MB Tk. 33 *121*3083# 3
115MB Tk. 58 *121*3005# 30
85MB Tk. 28 *121*3004# 7
1GB offer Tk. 5 *500*45# 7 days
555MB Tk. 149 *121*3007# 28
1GB TK.9 *5020*2217# or *121*5233# 28 days
1GB Pack Tk. 18 *121*3234# 8 hours
GP 1GB pack Tk.21 *121*5097# 7 days
1GB Data Tk. 31 *121*5087# 5 days
1GB offer Tk. 50 *121*3390# 30 days
1538MB Tk. 239 *121*3027# 30
2GB Tk. 54 *121*3242# 3 (72 hours)
1GB Tk. 89 *121*3056# 7
3GB Tk. 108 *121*3344# 7
6GB Tk. 148 *121*3262# 7
10GB Tk. 198 *121*3133# 7
1GB Tk. 189 *121*3390# 30
3GB Tk. 289 *121*3391# 30
5GB Tk. 399 *121*3392# 30
15GB Tk. 649 *121*3393# 30
30GB Tk. 998 *121*3394# 30
Whatapp pack 26MB Tk.2.61 *121*3063# 3
Viber pack 26 MB Tk. 2.61 *121*3070# 3
Facebook Tk. 1.57 *121*3022# 3
Emergency data loan (12MB) Tk. 5 *121*3021# 3
Facebook Tk.19 *121*3024# 28
Facebook Tk. 6.28 *121*3023# 7

GP 1GB 9Tk Offer :

gp 1gb 8tk

GP 1GB internet is only 9 Taka! If you want to use the internet offer, you can purchase the pack. But every day 56 million people are connected to this network. 

You can buy 1GB worth 9 Taka. To get this offer, dial *121*5085# or *5020*2217#.

Internet validity is 28 days. With this internet pack you can browse, download, Facebook, YouTube, and all other things. Check out the following screenshot:

gp internet offer 2019

GP Internet Packages 2022: How to buy 1GB 9Tk Offer?

  • Take this offer Maximum 4 times
  • This offer for a limited time
  • Used this offer 24 Hours.

GP 500 MB 5TK Offer :

GP 500 MB 5 Tk offer 2019

Customers of Grameenphone will download the “MY GP APPS” application for the first time, and get 5 Taka 500 MB internet. Download GP application from Google Play Store. And for internet registration, 500 MB for 5 Take will be available. You can buy internet from “MY GP APPS” in GP, 3 days validity. This pack gives GP once.

GP 12Tk 1GB Offer :

Special data pack for GP Super customers has been released some time ago. This fantastic data pack will enlighten you. Because now GP has offered 1GB excellent internet with only 12 Taka.

You can only buy via USSD Active Code Dial. This attractive internet pack is offered at a very cheap price. To activate this offer Press *123*5174#. This pack validity is 03 days.

GP 1 GB 19 Tk Offer :

gp 1gb 19tk

GP subscribers will be able to buy 1 GB internet with 19 Taka. This offer is a 1 GB internet offer. If you want to buy the offer, you can purchase the USSD code by dialing it. GP 1GB 19Tk offer. To get this offer dial *5020*2218#. Expiry 7 days.

GP 2 GB 54 Tk Offer :

One of the best packages for Grameenphone Internet Offer 2022, with this offer you can browse and download the Internet at a fast pace. GP 2GB internet with just 54 Tk.

Grameenphone’s regular internet Offer.GP 2GB internet offers active for dial * 121 * 3242 # or Recharge 54 Tk. Expiry 3 days (72 hours)

GP Internet Packages 2022 – GP 1GB 89 TK

Grameenphone 1GB internet at only 89 Taka. This is a data pack in the GP regular pack. If you think this offer is the best offer, then you can purchase the data pack. Data validity 7 days. Dial *121*3056# to buy internet offer. Check – GP 1GB 12 Tk offer

GP 4 GB 179 Tk Offer :

Grameenphone is running the Internet Dhamaka Offer. 4GB internet at 179 Taka. These offers can be enjoyed by Grameenphone customers. The amount of internet is 4 GB. How to buy the offer. Dial *121*3084# to get the offer or recharge 179Tk. The data pack will cost Tk 179.

GP 1GB 18Tk Offer :

GP Internet Packages 2022. Today 1GB Internet has just released 18 Taka to keep customers happy. This pack is one of the fastest data packs. GP customers can buy 1GB internet for only 18 Taka. You can simply dial *121*3234# to avail this offer. This pack is getting 1GB of great internet offers as it becomes active. This offer will expire 24 hours.

Gp 1GB Internet 38Tk :

gp 1gb 38tk

GP New Internet Offer 2022. Grameenphone 1gb internet offer just 38tk only. You can buy this offer just dail *121*1*4# . This offer expiry date 3 Day.

Gp 2GB Internet 96Tk :

Are you looking for Grameenphone 2GB internet offer? That’s why you come to the website. In the long run you can buy 2GB data pack with only 96 Tk. This pack contains – 2048 MB internet.

  • You can only dial *121*1*4# this offer.
  • This offer expires 7 days.

Gp 5Gb Internet 399Tk :

gp 5gb 399tk

Today I will share with you Grameenphone 5GB internet offer only 399 Taka. What would it feel like if you could pick up a Supper 5GB Internet pack from here. The offer will cost you 399 Taka.

  • To get this offer Press *121*3391#.
  • This offer expires 28 days.

GP 6GB 609 TK Offer :

GP recently provide new internet offers. Grameenphone 6GB internet 609TK. It’s GP monthly internet package. GP internet offer published on the official website. Dial *121*3012# to buy internet offer. The package is valid for 28 days.

GP 10GB 198 Tk Offer :

All GP customers Dhamaka internet offer 2022. GP 10 GB internet only 198 Taka. All GP customers can purchase 10 GB internet pack.

  • To get this offer dial *121*3012#.
  • Internet validity is 07 days.

GP 30GB 998 TK Offer :

The largest internet offer for GP subscribers. The 30GB internet is just 998 Taka. The current most popular internet offer 2020.

  • To avail this offer, dial *121*3394#.
  • Expiry 30 days.

We are always thinking about how a customer can buy the internet very easily. A person can easily purchase internet packages through this website; We have kept it very easy.

Can easily buy and activate. About 50 per cent of the GP internet is coming to Bangladesh. GP offers all types of Internet Offer / GP SMS Offer 2022 / GP Minute Offer. Our activities for them.

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