GP Special Call Rate Offer 2022 (1 Paisa Second) Any Local Operator


Today I will discuss GP special call rate offer 2022. GP has brought Super Call Rate Pack for the benefit of every customer. You can talk at the cheapest rate. Only GP customers will be able to use this offer. If you want to pick up this great pack you can safely purchase it from here. We have provided the necessary security for you.

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GP Special Call Rate offer 2022:

Friends I’m telling you how to use GP special call offer 2022. Every day many people come and search for this pack of GP. To meet their needs, I am giving some GP call write packs below. See the information you need below.

Recharge Amount   Offer Details  Validity
21 Taka 60 Paisa Second 2 days
29 Taka 1 Paisa Second (any operator) 3 days
39 Taka 1 Paisa Second (any operator) 7 days
48 Taka 48 paisa minute (any local operator) 10 second pulls 48 Hours

GP 48 TK Recharge:

Wow Special Offer! GP Customers Recharge for talking at the cheapest price only Tk 48. You only recharge at 48 TK and talk with 48 paise per minute. This offer from GP is the lowest price and lowest cost. This pack expires 48 hours. You can talk to any local number (10 second pulse) right away.

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GP 29 Tk Recharge:

GP has released a new offer to talk at the lowest price. You can call the same rate on any local operator. To active this offers Recharge 29 Taka. For a recharge of 29 Taka, you get the chance to talk at the rate of 1 paisa per second. Duration is 03 days.

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Only 39 BDT Recharge:

You can talk to any local number by recharging only 39 BDT for a period of 7 days. This offer is very important and necessary for the customers.

Which may be good news for you. If you recharge money without special offers, your mobile will be cut more call rate. To start this offer reacharge 39 Taka. Recharge at the lowest rate for your convenience. Minutes will be 07 days.

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GP Special Call Rate Offer details:

  • Recharge money will be added to the original account.
  • Recharge the exact amount you need to get the offer.
  • This offer is applicable for GP prepaid customers. Skitto and other customers will not be able to use it.
  • You can talk to any network at any local number (within the country).
  • You only need to recharge the same amount of money to get this pack.
  • This special Collateral Regular Package is applicable for Collate, Super FnF, FnF while on offer.
  • Wow! This will not apply to Special Collateral – Purchased Minutes, Bonus Minutes, Bonus Amounts and Emergency. Emergency balance can be used before.
  • After the package expires, it will go back to the next package.
  • Dial * 121 * 1 * 2 # to find out the duration of this offer
  • This offer is for a limited time.
  • You can buy and pay through the development and rocket to buy internet packs or other offers.
  • It is GP Special Call rate offer 2022.
  • Source: Grameenphone

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