Airtel Minute Offer 2022 (Any Operator) – Airtel Minute Pack 2022


Airtel Minute Offer 2022. For Airtel every customer, Airtel published great minute offers compare to the previous year. They published lot of minutes offer in 2022. Airtel always try to publish different types of excellent minute offers in Bangladesh. This all minute Airtel minute offer enjoy all customers and use it faster.

Each customer will be able to find the best minute package for themselves. In this post we have provided the real information of Airtel Minute Offer 2022. I have collected these minute offers from their official website. Which each customer can purchase and use to talk another one.

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Airtel is one of the most popular telecommunication network services provider company in Bangladesh. They have been providing network service to their customers for over 10 years with good reputation in Bangladesh. However, they have always come up with some great minute offers and internet offers for New Year 2022.

Airtel Minute Offer 2022 is exciting and important to every customer. We’ve prepared a simple list of Airtel minute offers, which you can buy by dialing USSD code. Hopefully you can easily understand. Check out the list below :

Airtel Minute offer 2022:

I’m sharing with you some great minute offers. There are many internet offers at cheapest prices. You will get free internet and sms offers with this minute package. You can just dial USSD code to activate the minute pack if you needed.

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For the needs of every Airtel customer, we have prepared Airtel Minute Offer 2022 offers in daily, weekly and monthly lists. From this list you can choose daily, weekly and monthly minute offers as per your need. We have mentioned the price and validity of the Airtel Minute pack. Details of the minute offer are discussed below:র্

Airtel Daily Minute Pack:

Are you looking to purchase Airtel Daily Minute offer? Then you are in the right place. Every customer can purchase all Airtel minute offers from this website at regular prices. We’ve made a list here with Airtel’s Daily Minute Pack, as you can see below. If you agree to purchase Airtel’s Daily Minute offer, you can purchase any one of the following offers.

Minute Pack Minute Price Active Code Validity
Minute Pack Minute Price Active Code Validity
12 Minute Tk. 8 *121*08# 12 hours
30 Minute Tk. 18 *121*18# 24 hours
46 Minute Tk. 28 *121*28# 2 days
55 Min + 30 SMS Tk. 34 *123*34# 3 days

Airtel Weekly Minute Pack:

Today I will give you a detailed discussion of Airtel Weekly Minute Offer with USSD code for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing Airtel Weekly Minute Offer, you can purchase Airtel Weekly Minute Offer from here. We have created a table with Airlet weekly minute offers. You can purchase any minute offer as per your requirement.

Minute Pack Minute Price Active Code Validity
Minute Pack Minute Price Active Code Validity
80 Minute Tk. 48 *121*48# 7 days
85 Minute Tk. 53 *121*53# 7 days
120 Minute Tk. 74 *121*074# 7 days

Airtel Monthly Minute Pack:

Airtel has come up with 1 month valid minute offer. Each customer can enjoy minute offers from all locations for a period of 1 month. You will get free internet + SMS offer with minute offer. Customers can easily purchase any minute offer as per their choice. You can purchase minute offers by recharging USSD Code. See all minute offers below –

Minute Pack Minute Price Active Code Validity
175 Minute Tk. 107 *123*0107# 15 days
190 Minute Tk. 118 *121*0118# 10 days
235 Min + 250 SMS + 1GB Tk. 149 *123*149# 30 days
340 Minute Tk. 207 *123*0207# 30 days
440 Min + 1GB + 800 SMS Tk. 278 *123*278# 30 days
120 Min+ 2GB (cash back Tk. 20) Tk. 198 *123*198# 30 days
560 Min + 1GB + 500 SMS Tk. 349 *123*349# 30 days
775 Min + 3GB Tk. 499 *123*499# 30 days
950 Min + 2GB + 800 SMS Tk. 574 *123*574# 30 days
225 Min + 1.5GB Tk. 179 *121*1790# 30 days
380 Min + 3GB + 50 SMS Tk. 299 *121*2990# 10 days
950 Min + 8GB Tk. 777 *123*7770# 30 days
1200 Min + 10GB Tk. 999 *121*9990# 30 days
2000 Min + 14GB Tk. 1499 *121*1499# 30 days

Airtel 12 Minutes :

Airtel 12 minutes talk-time pack is only 8 Taka. This is a great Airtel 12 minute pack. For 12 hours you can dial and buy dialing USSD code for 12 hours.

  • To get this offer Press *121*08#.
  • Only 8 Taka.
  • Minute duration is 12 hours.
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Airtel 55 Minute Pack :

You can buy 55 minute + 30 SMS pack fast with just 34 Taka. And with get 50 SMS free. Buy this 50 SMS pack now with Super Minute Pack?

  • To get this offer Dial *123*34#.
  • Minute Price Only 34 Taka.
  • This Minute validity is 03 days.

Airtel 30 Minute Offer :

Wow! Airtel 30 minutes talk time is only 18 Taka. It is supper talk time pack in Bangladesh. This is a regular minute package 2022. The offer will cost only 18 Taka. To validity 24 hours.

  • To start this pack Press *121*18#.
  • Validity is 24 hours.
  • 30 Minute talk time only 18Taka.

Airtel 46 Minute :

Airtel is an excellent telecommunications company. Most customers use Airtel Minute Offer. They has offered 46 minute package with just 28 Taka. This 46 Minute talk-time Pack is the Lowest Cost and Amazing.

  • To get this offer Dial *121*28#
  • There are 46 minutes worth 28 Taka.
  • Minute duration is 03 days.
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Airtel 85 Minute Offer:

Today I will discuss the Airtel Super Minute Pack with you. Airtel has released 85 minutes talktime package with just 53 Taka. You can buy this great minute package from here for a period of 07 days.

  • To get this 85 Minute Pack Dial *121*53#.
  • This Minute Validity is 07 days.
  • The pack price is only 53 Taka.

Airtel 120 Minute :

Guys I came to you with Airtel 120 minutes offer. This is a nice and big minute offer. The 120 minute talk time pack will cost only 74 Taka. This pack contains 120 minutes.

  • To start this offer Press *123*34#.
  • Minute validity is 3 days.
  • Only 74 Taka.

Airtel Minute Pack 2022:

airtel minute pack 2020

175 Minute Pack :

Airtel has again offered a new 175 minute package. By purchasing this offer you are getting more minutes at a lower cost. This bundle pack includes 175 minutes talk time offer.

If you want to buy the package with a 107 minute 175 minute offer then you should buy fast. I hope this minute package is great and appealing to you. You need to dial the USSD code to receive this pack.

  • To get this offer Press *123*0107#
  • Minute Packages validity is 07 days.
  • 160 minutes only 175 Taka.
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Airtel 190 Minute Offers :

For all Airtel bundle lover Airtel now launched for their customers great Airtel minute offer 2022. Airtel 190 min any local operator just only 115 taka. This offer validity is 10 days. If you want to buy this bundle pack than you must need to recharge or dial.

  • If you want to recharge than recharge 115 tk. Or, dial *121*0118# to buy this pack.
  • You can check your this minute balance by dialing *778*0#
  • If a customer re-purchases the same minute pack within the validity period, the minutes will be added.
  • Also update the validity will be updated and this pack validity increase.
  • All VAT, SD & SC included.
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Airtel 440 Minute Offer :

I am sharing with you the excelents minute pack of airtel. This is one of the most exciting and wonderful minute offers. Many friends are searching for this minute offer.

For them I provided Airtel 440 minute + 1GB internet package. With get 800 SMS and 1 GB internet free with 440 minutes. The 440 minute pack will cost only 278Taka. This is a monthly minute offer. You can use it anytime for 30 days.

  • To start this pack Dail *123*278#
  • Validity is 30 days.
  • Minute price only 278Taka.

Airtel 605 Minute Bundle Offer :

Do you want to get the Airtel Bundle Minute Pack at a lower price? Airtel brings 605 minutes talk time with 1GB internet and 500 SMS packs for all customers with only 349 taka. Each customer can avail 605 minute bundle offer within 30 days. It is best Airtel Minute offer 2022 at this post.

  • To start this offer, dial * 123 * 349 # or recharge 349 Taka.
  • This offer validity is 30 days.
  • Bonus 1GB Internet and 500 SMS Pack.
  • To find balance, dial * 778 * 0 #
  • Balanced money will not be added to the customer’s balance.

Airtel 655 Minutes :

Take the Airtel 655 minute offer for a month. Airtel monthly minute pack 2022. This nice minute pack is applicable for everyone. You can purchase 655 minute offer by recharging only 378 Taka. You’re also getting free 2GB internet with this pack free. Dial the USSD Code to purchase the awesome Minute Pack.

  • To active this offer, Press *123*378# Or Recharge 378 Taka.
  • This offer is only 378 Taka.
  • With 2GB Free Internet.
  • The duration of the minutes is 30 days.
  • Can be repurchased before expiration

Airtel 560 Minute Bundle Offer :

Airtel has released 560 minutes + 1GB internet + 500 SMS offer for customers with only 349Taka. This bundle pack contains 560 minutes and 1GB data. This offer is available only to Airtel Postpaid customers. The total length of this bundle pack is 30 days.

  • To avail this offer, dial *123*349#.
  • Minute pack expires 30 days.
  • Dial *8444*88# for Internet Balance

You can purchase this offer multiple times.

Airtel 775 Minutes Pack :

Guys, Airtel has come up with a great bundle minute package. All solutions in this pack! You can buy the Airtel 775 minutes + 3GB internet bundle pack for a 1 month. Dial code given provide below. All users buy this awesome pack.

Airtel users can buy 775 minutes + 3GB internet offer for 499 Taka. He has a free 3 GB internet. Enjoy this offer with your all friends. Share to all friends. The super bundle pack is applicable for everyone.

  • To start this offer, press *123*499# Or recharge 499 taka
  • The minute duration is 45 days.
  • 3GB internet free.
  • Dial 778 0 # to check minute balance
  • Dial 8444 88 # to check internet balance

Airtel 1000 Minute Offer :

Airtel has released a new one minute offer for friends. Now you will talk to friends all day and all night. Airtel Super Minute pack lasts only 950minutes.

You can buy 950minutes and 800 sms and 2 GB internet offer with 574 Taka. With 30 days validity. This is a very essential and great minute package for you. Recharge and Code Press can buy.

  • To start this pack Dial *123*574# or recharge 574 Bucks.
  • Validity is 30 days.
  • Minute price only 574 Taka.
  • Dial *8444*88# to find internet balance.
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Airtel 2000 Minute Pack :

Airtel brought a great minute offer! This offer is 2000 minutes local, 200 SMS and 10 GB ( 4GB 4G ) internet. The offer period is a total of 30 days. Customers will be able to purchase the 2000 minute pack by activating and recharging. Only postpaid customers can enjoy this offer.

  • To get this offer Press *121*1499#.
  • To check Internet balance, dial *3#.
  • Purchase before expiry.
  • Here is a 2000 minute + 200 SMS + 10 GP data pack.

Airtel 1200 Minutes (Postpaid):

Airtel has brought a bundle offer for their customers. If you are looking for combination of talktime and internet pack with cheap price. So, here you find the best option for you.

The bundle pack includes 1200 min ( Any Local Operator ) and also 8 GB + 2 GB 4G internet. This awesome pack validity 30 days. You also note one more think that when you recharge or dial this day and other 29 days total 30 days.

  • If you want to buy the pack than dial *121*9990# or recharge 999 taka.
  • Only postpaid customers are buying this pack.
  • This offer balance checking code *8444*88#.
  • If a customer purchases the same minute pack again within the validity period, the minutes will be added. Also update the validity will be updated and this pack validity increase.

Airtel Minute Pack 2022 Terms & Condition :

  • Airtel will be able to buy minute offers through the USSD Code and Recharge.
  • The packages offered here can be purchased multiple times.
  • These minute offers can be used any time within 24 hours.
  • Can be used in any local operator.
  • If there are any minutes after the expiry, then those minutes will no longer be used. You will need to purchase again before the expiration date. The unused minutes will then be added to the next pack.
  • Recharge money will not be added to customer’s original account.
  • Balance check for Press *788*0#
  • Internet Balance check for dail *8444*88#
  • VAT, SD, SC included in bundle prices.
  • Source: Airtel

What is Airtel Minute &Internet?

Hopefully the all Airtel minute offer 2022 information you need here you find easily and fast. I think we have been able to help you find all the minute pack information.

And the offers here all Airtel regular and attractive minute offer. And from here you can get all Airtel Internet Offer 2022 and also the Airtel minute offer. We have published Airtel internet and SMS offers on this website.

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Please comment to let us know what minutes of Airtel offer you have like. If any help is needed, please comment. We try to answer your question quickly and accurately. If you love this post then you will share this post on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media. Inform your all friends about this minute offer.

Some F&Q Related to Airtel Minute Pack :

How can I buy Airtel minutes?

You can buy minutes pack easily from this website. Just see our Airtel Minute offer 2022 heading section. Than you see a chart full of Airtel Minutes Offer.

Choose your minute pack than you also see beside net price and Active Code. Collect your offer active code and just dial. If sufficient balance are available in your balance than you purchase successfully your favorite pack.

How can I check Airtel offers?

This another easy process you find your offer from our in this post table section. Than you buy any minutes offer. Check any minute offer balance than just dial *778*0#. You can check your any minutes offer balance by dialing this code.