Teletalk Internet Package 2020 (Active Code) – All Regular Data Pack


Welcome to see you Teletalk Internet package 2020. Today this post will discuss the Teletalk internet offer. They serve excellent internet offers to customers. Speaking of today, the Internet package is going to be the main discussion.

Teletalk is a mobile network company in Bangladesh. They offer Amazing Internet, Minute Offer, and SMS Offer to every customer. Receives offers according to customer demand. You can get Teletalk internet package 2020 from here.

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Teletalk has been providing low-cost Internet services for students, in addition to publishing general Internet offers. They provide free SIMs to each student, giving advice on using the Internet.

At present, the students are very pleased to be able to access more internets at less cost of Teletalk. Each student congratulated the Teletalk organization.

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Teletalk has divided their offerings into several categories. So that every customer can easily choose for internet offers. Today we will talk about Teletalk Agami SIM offer, Bornamala SIM offer, Youth SIM offer, Oparajita SIM offer. Spit with us-

Teletalk Internet Package 2020 (Regular Pack):

Teletalk has released regular Internet offers for all prepaid and post-paid customers. These offers can be enjoyed by all Teletalk operators. Have released their attractive internet offers to low-cost customers. Below we have provided the Teletalk Regular Internet offer details – you can buy one of these choices –

Data & Price
Active Code Validity Recharge
1GB @ Tk.23 *111*611# 7 days Tk. 23
1GB @ Tk.46 *111*46# 30 days Tk.46
2GB @ Tk.85 *111*85# 30 days Tk.85
3GB @ Tk.63 *111*63# 10 days Tk.63
5GB @ Tk.97 *111*97# 10 days Tk.97
10GB @Tk.198 *111*198# 15 days Tk.198

Regular Data Packs :

Data & Price
Active Code Validity Recharge
60 MB @ Tk.9 *111*501# 3 days Tk.9
3GB @ Tk.33 *111*33# 3 days Tk.33
250MB @ Tk.24 *111*503# 7 days Tk.24
500MB @ Tk.39 *111*513# 10 days Tk.39
2.5GB @ Tk.78 *111*511# 10 days Tk.78
3GB @ Tk.201 *111*531# 30 days Tk.201
5GB @ Tk.301 *111*532# 30 days Tk.301
8GB @ Tk.391 *111*533# 30 days Tk.391
10 GB @ Tk.445 *111*550# 30 days Tk.445
15GB @Tk.649 *111*551# 30 days Tk.649
30GB @ Tk.1169 *111*553# 30 days Tk.1169
45GB @ Tk.1669 *111*554# 30 days Tk.1669
65GB @ Tk. 2225 *111*555# 30 days Tk.2225

Teletalk internet package agami:

Hello friends, I will talk about your Teletalk Agami SIM internet packages in detail. Those who use the Telekit Agami SIM can avail excellent internet offers. Amazing internet package waiting for them. You can buy up to 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, 5GB, 10GB internet from here.

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[Teletalk is not for sale next 3G SIM – it is distributed among students who have received GPA Five through online registration.]


  • 1GB@ Tk.43 (Validity 30 Days)
  • 5GB @ Tk.87 (internet validity 15 days)
  • 10GB @ Tk.169 (Data validity 30 days)
Data & Price
Active Code Validity Recharge
1GB Tk.21 *111*600# 7 days
1GB offer Tk.43 *111*601# 30 days
2GB Tk.81 *111*602# 30 days
3GB Tk.53 *111*603# 10 days
5GB Tk.87 *111*605# 15 days
10GB Tk.169 *111*610# 30 days

Teletalk Bornomala sim offer:

Boarnomala SIM-free distributes through all SIM students. Each student takes the Teletalk Boarnamala SIM to use affordable Internet offers. In Bangladesh, the government has given Boarnamala SIM-free of cost to the students, considering the safety of the students. Here is a list of Boarnamala SIM internet offers. Check out this list below –

Features of Boarnamala SIM:

  • 1GB @ Tk.23 (Validity 7 Days)
  • 1GB @ Tk.44 (Internet Validity 30 Days)
  • 10 GB @ Tk.179 (Data Validity 30 Days)
Data & Price
Active Code Validity Recharge
1GB Tk.23 *111*611# 7 days
1GB Tk.44 *111*612# 30 days
2GB Tk.83 *111*613# 30 days
3GB Tk.59 *111*614# 10 days
5GB Tk.93 *111*615# 15 days
10GB Tk.179 *111*616# 30 days

Teletalk internet offer:

Teletalk offers amazing internet offers and SMS with excellent internet offers. If you receive Teletalk service, you will find that this operator has many internet, minute and SMS offers. The advantages of this operator are better than other mobile operators. You can see them using the services –

Teletalk internet offer

Teletalk Oporajita sim offer:

Operajita SIM is for women only. Any woman can register for this SIM and get more internet services at a lower price. They distribute the SIM for free. You can use the excellent internet by registering with your national identity card and 1 copy color picture.

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We have the most securely published Teletalk internet package on this website.

Features & Condition:

  • 1GB @ Tk.8 (Only for first 3 month after activation), validity 7days.
  • 2GB @ Tk.36 (Any time purchased), internet validity 7 days.
  • 10GB @ Tk.149 (all time buy), data validity 10 days.
  • 1GB @ Tk.89 (Recharge Tk.89 to active), 30 days.
  • 2GB @Tk199, 300 Minute, 100 SMS (any operator), Recharge Tk.199 or dial *111*199#
  • You can use 1GB internet only 8 Taka, the first 3 months.
Data & Price
Active Code Validity Recharge
1GB Tk.8 7 days *111*8#
1GB Tk.18 3 days *111*18#
2GB Tk.36 7 days *111*36#
10GB Tk.149 15 days *111*149#
1GB Tk.89 30 days Rech:Tk. 89
2GB Tk.199 30 days *111*199#

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