Robi Minute Offer 2022 – All Update Robi Minute Pack 2022


New Robi Minute Offer 2022. The mobile operator company Robi recently updated their minute offer. Robi is offering great minutes offer on their official website. Currently Robi’s excellent minute offers have been collected by

We are provide here cheap price and any local operator Robi minute offer 2022. All customers can use the minute pack. Presently Robi is providing their network services at all places in Bangladesh. From here you can get all the offers of Robi at a cheaper price.

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Every minute people search on Google for robi minute package. So all minute information provide our website. Hopefully you can get your favorite package from our website at the lowest cost.

New Year Offer : Robi has released exciting minute offers compared to the previous year for every prepaid and postpaid customer. They try to provide best offer for their every customer.

Considering your safety, we provide all Robi Minute Offer 2022. Because you find your favorite and best minutes offer fast and easily from this website. .

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Friends, you can accept any or more of the offers below. To take this minute offer you have to dial USSD Code or recharge and activate the pack. Great offers have been collected from Robi official website. All minute minutes of Robi are offered below:

Robi Minute Offer 2022:

Total Minute Price Activation Code Validity
5 Minutes TK. 3.04 *8666*002# 04 hours
12 Minutes Tk. 4.31 *8666*055# 06 hours
12 Min+12MB +12SMS Tk. 12.18 *8666*12# 24 hours
18 Min Tk. 13.33 Buy 3 days
25 Minutes Tk. 19.99 Buy 4 days
29Min+29MB +29SMS Tk. 29 Recharge 29 Taka 7 days
36 Min (post) Tk. 24 Buy 24 Hours
42 Min Tk. 27 Recharge 27 Taka 24 Hours
45 Min Tk. 33.11 Buy 5 days
67 Minutes Tk. 43 Recharge 43 Taka 4 days
80 Minutes Tk. 53 Buy 7 days
90 Minutes Tk. 61 Buy 10 days
90 Minutes Tk. 59 Buy 7 days
100 Minutes Tk. 64 Buy 7 days
130 Min Tk. 78 Recharge 78 Taka 7 days
160 Minutes Tk. 99 Buy 7 days
180Min+ 600MB (pos) Tk. 104 *0*5# 10 days
190 Minutes Tk. 118 Buy 10 days
230 Min (Pre) Tk. 144 Buy 10 days
230 Min Tk. 169 Buy 30 days
285 Minutes Tk. 199.88 Buy 30 days
315 Min  Tk. 194 Buy 30 days
325 Min  Tk. 199 Buy 28 days
340 Min (Pre) Tk. 207 Buy 30 days
340 Min (Post) Tk. 207 Buy 30 days
360 Minutes Tk. 218 Recharge 218 Taka 30 days
380 Minutes Tk. 224 Recharge 224 Taka 30 days
450 Minu + 1GB Tk. 278 Recharge 278 Taka 30 days
500 Min + 512MB (Pre) Tk. 307 Buy 30 days
600 Min+ 8GB Tk. 507 *0*1# 30 days
800 min Tk. 497 Buy 30 days
950 min + 1GB (post) Tk. 574 Buy 30 days
1000 min + 1GB  Tk. 604 Buy 30 days
1500 min + 5GB Tk. 997 Recharge 997 Taka 30 days
1200 Min+ 16GB Tk. 1017 *0*2# 30 days
2400 Min+ 48GB Tk. 1910 *0*3# 30 days
robi minute offer
robi minute offer

Robi 5 minutes pack only 3.04 TK. You can use any local number. Minute offer is 5 minutes Robi is offering the most comet minute pack in Bangladesh.

  • To avail the offer, dial *8666*002#
  • Expires 4 hours. With the bat added.

Robi 12 Minute 7.31 TK :

How about, today I will discuss Robi’s great minute offer with you? Robi has released a great 12 minutes for a short time offer. Customers who are looking to buy a small number of minutes can buy this attractive offer.

This minute pack is priced at just 7.31 Taka. You can use this 12 minute offer (at any local operator). You can buy the offer by dialing USSD Code.

  • To start this offer, dial *8666*055#
  • This minute pack price is only 7.31 Taka.
  • Validity is 6 hours.
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Robi 12 Minute 12.18 Taka :

Robi 12 minutes to Tk. 12.18, with 12 SMS and 12 MB internet pack free. All Robi customers will be able to buy the offer. Now the great minute offer is in 2019.

  • How to purchases minute pack, dial *8666*12#.
  • Pack expires in 1 day.

Robi is comeing up with a fun minute offer for everyone. Robi 15 minutes + 16 SMS offers only 12.18 Taka. Excellent to use this offer anytime within 24 hours. You can buy this offer from here for 12.18 Taka. Plus there are more excellent minutes offer, as you can see.

  • To Activate the Pack Dial *8666*016#
  • Expires 24 hours

Robi 25 Minute 19.99 Taka :

I’ll talk to you about Robi 25 Minute Talktime Offer 2022. You can buy the Robi 25 Minute Offer from here at a lower price. You can get this offer at a cost of only 19.99 Taka. Currently the most popular mini pack in Bangladesh. Below is the USSD Code, you can purchase by dialing USSD Code.

robi 25 minute offer
  • To avail the offer Buy.
  • Total minute 25.
  • Internet Balance Check Dial *3#, To check the minutes, dial *222*3#, and check the SMS *222*12#.
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Robi 67 Minutes Offer :

Today, I will talk to you in detail about the excellent 67 minute talktime offer. Robi wonderful minute offer will cost only 43 Taka. The duration of the nice minute pack is 4 days. Recharge 43 for taking this attractive minute pack. All Robi customers will be able to use these minute packs.

  • To start this offer, Recharge 43 Taka.
  • The duration of the minutes is 04 days.
  • Robi excellent bundle minute offer is 10 second pulse.
  • The price is inclusive VAT, SD and SC.
  • To minute balance check *222*2#
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Robi 80 Minute Offers :

Friends, today I have brought you Robbie’s excellent minute offer. Robi has come up with an amazing 80 minute offer for prepaid customers. It will cost only 53 Taka to buy this great minute offer. And this minute offer lasts for 07 days. The luxurious 80 minute pack can be purchased for 53 Taka.

  • Buy to avail this 80 minute offer
  • This Robi offer will be available only to prepaid customers.
  • Minutes expire 04 days.
  • 10 second pulse per minute.

Robi 130 Minutes Offer :

Today I came up with 130 minute new minute offer from Robi. Robi offers 130 minutes talk-time for all customers. It will cost 78 Taka to buy a nice minute offer for 07 days. This minute offer can be used on any permanent local operator.

  • Please recharge 78 Tak to buy this offer.
  • Robi 130 minutes 07 days.
  • Dial *222*2# to check the excellent minute balance.
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Robi 190 Minute Bundle Offer :

Robi amazing offers a great one-minute pack with a bonus. This minute bundle package includes 190 minutes. You can buy the excellent 190 Minute Bundle Pack from here for only 118 Taka. This bundle pack is priced at 118 Taka. Robi prepaid customers will enjoy this great minute pack.

  • To active this offer, Buy
  • Minutes expire 10 days.
  • The minute is worth 118 Tk.

Robi Minute Pack 2022 :

robi minute offer 2019

Robi offers 95 minutes pack. 95 minutes talk time is just 59 Taka. Come on in Robi, use the minute pack at the lowest price in the country. All operators can be used. All customers can purchase and buy.

  • To get the offer, dial *0*5#.
  • Minutes Validity 7 days.

Robi 205 Minute 118Tk Offer :

Minute bundle offer in Robi. Robi 205 minutes talk time only 118 Taka. If you are interested in using the offer then you can buy the offer.

  • Recharge 118 taka for the minute offer.
  • Minute 10 minutes of pack.
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Robi 335 Minute 194 Taka :

335 minutes talk time pack for Robi 194 Taka. Barry is the most durable pack. Robi 335 minutes is a great package. The biggest minute’s package was published on Robi website. All customers can buy

  • To get this offer, Dial *123*194# or recharge for 194 Taka.
  • Pack expires 30 days.

Robi 380 Minutes Offer :

Robi is great for offering super minutes. If you are a real Robi customer then you can buy more minute offers at a cheaper price.

However, today Robi has released 380 minutes extraordinary talk-time offer. This minute offer is very important to every customer.

If you want to purchase more minute offers at a lower price then you can take 380 minute offer from Robi 224 Taka. To activate the offer, please recharge at 224 Taka.

  • To start this offer Recharge 224 Taka.
  • Minute validity is 03 days.
  • With + VAT
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Robi 475 Minute offer:

Robi offers the most attractive minute package. This is a wonderful minute offer that all customers can avail. Robi is gaving only 278 for 475 minutes and 1GB internet offer. Robi prepaid and postpaid customers can buy this offer for 278 Taka. You can take the offer from here by recharging 278 Taka.

  • To active this offer, Recharges 278 Taka.
  • This pack expires 30 days.
  • Can be used anytime.

Robi 2400 Minute with 48GB Offer :

Robi brought a nice one minute pack to surprise all the customers. This is the largest package among all the offers. This bundle package includes 48GB Internet, (24GB + 24GB 4G), 2400 minutes talktime and 100 SMS.

But this is not the end here! There are also 512 MB WhatsApp, 512 MB YouTube and 512 MB Facebook Bonus. Need to purchase this minute pack for 1910 Taka.

  • To start this offer, dial *0*3#
  • Internet, minutes, SMS packs expire 30 days.
  • To check Internet balance, dial *3#.
  • Dial *222*8# to check minute balance
  • To check SMS balance, Dial *222*12#.
  • 10 second pulse.
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Robi 1200 Minute Pack :

Today I will discuss with you a wonderful bundle minute package. Many customers search the Internet pack with the minute. These offers are very important to them.

Robi is offering 16GB internet (8GB + 8GB 4G), 1200 minutes and 100 SMS for only 1017 Taka on their official website. All customers will be able to purchase this bundle pack within 30 days. Further bonus is 512 MB Whatsapp, 512 MB YouTube.

  • Internet, minutes, SMS packs expire 30 days.
  • To active this offer, Press *0*2#
  • All offers expire 30 days.

Robi 600 Minute Bundle Pack :

Robi has just released 600 minute and 8GB internet offer shortly before the 30-day period. If you like this minute and the internet offer you can buy from here.

This package includes 8GB internet (4GB + 4GB 4G), 600 minutes and 100 SMS pack. Bonus 512 MB WhatsApp. You can purchase this package by dialing USSD code. You can share it with your other friends.

  • To active this offer, Press *0*1#.
  • Minute check *3#.
  • Internet check *222*8#.
  • SMS check *222*12#.
  • Plus supplementary tariffs and surcharge bundles included with the price.
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Robi 500 Minute offer:

Robi is the most popular network service company in Bangladesh. Robi has released 500 minutes, 5GB internet and 100 SMS offers for each customer. All Robi prepaid customers will enjoy this offer.

However, not for postpaid customers. From here, if you purchase the bundle package with only 599 Taka you will get a T-shirt completely free. Besides, you get 5GB internet, 500 minutes and 100 SMS, 30 days. You have to recharge to avail this offer.

  • To get this offer, Recharge 599 Taka.
  • All offers expire in 30 days.
  • For prepaid customers only.

1000 Minute pack:

Excellent minute offer! Robi Prepaid & Postpaid offers 1000 minutes and 1GB of internet for customers. This is a great minute and internet offer. You can buy 1000 minutes and 1GB internet offer for 30 days with only 574 Taka. This 1GB Internet offer will be used anytime and for any customer.

  • To active this offer, recharges 574 Taka.
  • This offer expires 30 days.
  • Applies only to prepaid & postpaid customers.

1500 Minute offer:

Today I will talk to you about Robi 1500 minutes offer and 5GB internet with him. Robi offers 1500 minutes of great minutes and 5 GB of internet with just 997 Taka for each prepaid customer. If you want to buy internet and minute offers together then you can take 1500 minutes and 5 GB internet offers.

  • To start this offer, recharges 997 Taka.
  • Minutes and Internet Offers Expire 30 days.
  • You can use this offer at any time.

You can use the Internet for any purpose.


  • All Robi customers can use the minute packages.
  • This offer can be used on 2G, 3G and 4G networks.
  • To check the internet balance, dial *3# and check for minutes *222* 2# and SMS pack *222*12#.
  • All prepaid customers will be able to purchase all the packs.

What is Robi Network Service?

If you ask me who offers excellent minutes at the cheapest price in Bangladesh? I’ll tell you Robi always offers more minutes at a cheaper price. They have network service all over Bangladesh.

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Customers in all districts and upazilas of Bangladesh have continued to support their customer care. You can contact their customer care with any issues. Moreover, you can communicate through mobile calls. Their help center number is 121.

In Bangladesh, Robi continues their services and services with great reputation. They offer low-cost minutes and internet as per customer’s demand. They are always engaged in customer service. Hope you like this post.

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