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Our Everyday Needed Robi Minute Pack 2020. Nowadays it is impossible to run without the internet. They also need some minute pack. Every day we have to communicate from one place to another. But in the modern age, communication has made things a lot easier. Easy to communicate with using mobile. That’s why all people need a minute pack to talk. So Robi has provided a minute pack for their customers.

Link: GP 1GB 7Tk offer

However, Robi is the most trusted company in Bangladesh. They provide minute, internet, SMS and MMS services. These services can be used by any local Robi operator.

robi minute pack

How to check – Robi MB Check or Robi Social Pack

Robi Minute Pack, (Information):

Robi is a popular mobile service company in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) controls this company. You can use Robi Minute Pack at low prices.

Now Robi has provided Daily, weekly, weekly, monthly, monthly minute packs. You can get MB, SMS, and MMS free with these offers. You can dial or recharge the USSD code to get offers. This minute offer will benefit you. And I have listed below. From this list, you can pick up offers as per your choice.

Robi Minute Pack 2020

Bundle Pack Validity Price Activation Code
10 minutes (any operator) 20 SMS 1 day 10 Taka *8666*02#
20 minutes (any operator) 40 SMS 24 hours 12 TK *8666*03#
12 minutes (any Number) 12 SMS 1 day 10 BDT *8666*12#
15 minutes (any Number) 16 SMS 24 hours 10 Take *8666*016#
95 minutes (any local number) 150 SMS 7 days 50 BDT *8666*50#
190 Minutes (any Number) 7 days 100 Take *8666*008#
70 Minutes any operator or 26 MB, data, 25 SMS, 25 MMS 7 days 50 TK *8666*025#
150 minutes or 51 MB internet, 50 SMS, 50 MMS 7 days 100 Take *8666*050#
250 minutes (any operator) or 200 MB data, 200 SMS 30 Days 300 TK *8666*500#

Robi 335 Minute 194 BDT (30 days):

335 minutes only 194 Taka. This offer can be used by any operator. To start this offer dial * 0 * 13 #. Minute Validity 30 Days.

  • To check the remaining minute balance, dial *222*2#
  • Bundle Min Pulse is 10 second
  • The price is inclusive of SD, VAT, and SC.

Robi Minute Pack – (Recharge):


You can buy minute packs without dialing USSD code. It is safe for you and will not be a problem. From here you can pick anyone. Pick your preferred offer and recharge it.

Minute Recharge Validity
25 14 Taka 16 Hours
55 33 TK 2 days
100 59 BDT 7 days
135 78 Taka 7 days
180 99 BDT 7 days
200 118 Taka 7 days
380 218 BDT 30 days
215 118 TK 10 days

Terms & Condition:

  • You can buy all of Robi’s offers.
  • Dial or recharge the USSD code to receive the package.
  • You can buy multiple times.
  • All Prepaid & Post-paid customers will only need to buy these Packages.
  • To minute balance check for dial * *222*2#.
  • Data pack can use 2G/3G/4G networks.
  • With SD, VAT & SC Included.