Robi Number Check – How to check own Robi number (USSD Code)


Don’t worry if you forgot your Robi mobile number. Also, do you want to know how to check Robi number?

Today I will share with you the easy way to find it. This is especially the case when you have recently joined Robi and have a busy life.

We have prepared a small guideline so that Robi number check has become easy.

How to check Robi Mobile number

You can check Robi mobile number in a few ways. However, it is one of the easiest ways to check your mobile number by dialing some hidden USSD code.

Every person can easily check the number by dialing the USSD code. To see your own Robi phone number dial *140*2*4#. Alternatively, you can use *2# to view.


  • Take your Phone and to check your Robi number dial *140*2*4# or *2#
  • Then press the call button and wait for a moment.
  • Then you will see your own number.  

Robi Number check by Dialling?

Every Robi customer can check their number manually by hiding the USSD Code.

This is the easiest process for every Robi customer. To check your number by USSD code dial *140*2*4# or *2#.

An example is given below

  • Take your phone and go to the mobile dialing option
  • And dialing the secret code is *140*2*4#
  • Wait a few minutes and show your number
  • Note your number or take a screenshot

Call customer support:

Another way to find your Robi number is no need for the internet and no need for anybody’s help.

You can call Robi customer support at 123 numbers for your Robi SIM. The customer assistant helps you and send your number.

This is another trick check your own number.  Moreover, you can check Robi MB Check and Teletalk Balance check from here.

Important USSD Code for Robi Any User?

I have enrolled in some Robi hidden USSD codes which every Robi customer needs any time away. And I hope this code helps you. I have given the most important USSD codes below.

USSD CodeService Names
*0#Minutes Bundle
*1#Balance check / Due bill check
*2#Show own mobile number
*3#Data (MB) Check
*4#Internet Pack purchase
*5#Popular Vas Activation/Deactivation
*6#Know your package/call tariff
*7#DND (Stop/Start promotional SMS)
*8#Jhotpot Balance
*9#All VAS Stop Request
*123#Show all Service


01. How to check Robi own number?  

Ans: Robi every prepaid and postpaid customer can check your own number easily. First, go to your mobile dialling option then dial *140*2*4# or *2#. It is a simple way.

02. How to check your own number quickly?

Ans: If you want to check quickly your own number dial *2#.

03. How to check Robi Others’ offer?

Ans: If you want to check Robi’s another offers please dial *123#.


Robi is one of the most popular network companies in Bangladesh. The company is spread all over Bangladesh also they are bringing a 5.5G network.

The company trying to provide the right network to all customers. Currently, the main reason for their growing number of subscribers is that their network is very fast

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