Robi Recharge offer 2020 | Latest Recharges Internet & Minutes offer


Today I will discuss with you Robi Recharge Offer 2020. Robi offers a large amount of internet and minute recharge for every customer at cheap price. You can buy Robi excellent recharge offers from here at a cheap price. Hopefully these internet and minute offers are very useful for you.

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Robi has released excellent recharge offers for its customers in all places of Bangladesh. They are providing network services in 64 districts of Bangladesh. Their network service is excellent and fast. Robi is one of the most popular mobile operating companies in Bangladesh.

Robi Recharge offer 2020:

We have made a list of Robi recharge offer 2020 here. You can recharge any amount and take any offer. Here we have prepared the list with complete information of Robi Minute Recharge Offer and Robi Internet Recharge Offer. You can see the full list below. Hopefully you will read this post carefully.

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Robi Recharges internet offer 2020:

Dear Customer, I have discussed in detail the Robi Recharge Internet Offer 2020 here. You mentioned how much money you can recharge and get an offer. Check out the list below.

Total internet Validity
Tk. 58 700 MB + 25 Min + 25 SMS 07 days
Tk. 78 100 MB + 130 Min 07 days
Tk. 149 1GB + 75 Min + 30 SMS 28 days
Tk. 251 1.5GB + 150 Min + 150 SMS 30 days
Tk. 278 1GB + 475 Min 30 days
Tk. 499 7GB + 250 Min + 100 SMS 30 days
Tk. 574 1GB + 1000 Min 30 days
Tk. 599 5GB + 500 Min + 100 SMS 30 days
Tk. 999 20 GB + 500 Min + 200 SMS 30 days

58 Taka Recharge: Robi Customers will recharge Tk 58 after receiving 700 MB internet with 25 minutes and 25 SMS. All Robi customers will be able to buy this offer for a period of 07 days.

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78 Taka Recharges: Robi is recharging only at  78 Taka, with 100 MB internet and 130 minutes talk time. To avail this offer, please recharge 78 Taka. The expiry is 07 days.

149 Taka Recharge Offer:

Great Intenet Offer! Robi has 1GB internet and 75 minutes and 30 sms available with only 149 Taka. Recharge this internet pack for 149 Taka. The period is 28 days.

251 Taka Recharge Offer: Robi customers will get 1.5GB internet and 150 minutes and 150 SMS packs if they recharge at 251 Taka. Recharge the money you need to get this internet package. This offer expires 30 days.

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278 Taka Recharge Offer: Robi offers Super Recharge. Robi is recharging only 278 Taka with 1GB internet and 275 minutes choctime offer. The expiry is 30 days.

499 Taka Recharge Offer: Robi customers happy! At Ravid, you can recharge only 499 Taka with 7GB internet and 250 minutes and 100 MSS packages. Recharge this offer for 499 Taka. The duration is 30 days.

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Robi Recharges minutes offer 2020:

Here is a list of Robi Recharge Minute Offers 2020. You can see the list and take a minute from here.

Total Minutes
Tk. 14 23 Minutes 16 hours
Tk. 24 40 Minutes 24 hours
Tk. 33 52 Minutes 2 days
Tk. 43 70 Min 4 days
Tk. 59 95 Min 7 days
Tk. 64 105 Min 7 days
Tk. 99 170 minutes 7 days
Tk. 118 205 Min 10 days
Tk. 194 335 Minutes 30 days
Tk. 218 360 Minutes 30 days

Recharge 14 Taka: Robi offers only 23 minutes talk time offer at 14 Taka. The duration of which is 16 hours. To get this offer recharges 14 Taka.

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24 Recharge Offer: If you recharge only 24 Taka on Robi then you will get 40 minutes talk time offer. The duration of this minute pack is 24 hours.

33 Taka Recharge Offer:

Great Minute Offer for Robi Customers! Robi gets a recharge of only 33 taka and gets 52 minutes talk time offer. The expiry is 02 days.

43 Tk Recharge Offer: You can get 43 Taka recharge on Robi with 70 Minutes talk time offer. Please recharge 43 Taka to avail this offer. Expiration is 04 days.

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59 Taka Recharges: Good news for Robi customers! You will get 95 minutes talk time offer by recharging only 59 Taka. This minute pack expires 07 days.

64 Recharge Offer: Recharge 64 Taka for giving 105 minutes talk time within 07 days. To avail this offer recharge 64 Taka. Minute pack expires 07 days.

99 Taka Recharge: Robi will only get Tk 99 recharge for 170 minutes talk time offer. This offer expires 7 days. This offer is very nice from other minute packs.

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