Banglalink Balance Transfer System 2020 (BL to BL any Operator)


How to transfer balance Banglalink to Banglalink. If you do not know the balance transfer rule, you can found it here. Now life will be easier, because Banglalink has provide Balance transfer service!

Transfer your balance to your friends and relatives using Banglalink balance transfer system make it very easily now, anytime. This excellent rule is discussed in more detail below.

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Banglalink Balance Transfer System 2020 Details :

  • All Banglalink prepaid call and control customers will be able to transfer balance to other Banglalink prepaid call control customers.
  • Customers will be able to use the balance transfer base the month after the new connection opens. But you can’t do it before.
  • In order to enjoy this balance transfer service, you must register first.

To register, dial *1000# and follow the instructions described below :

  • After SMS registration, you will receive a PIN number on the returned SMS.
  • All balance transfer services can be done using this PIN number.
  • This balance transfer service can also be found in the prepaid USSD menu.
  • The steps required for the service are described below.
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Service Activation Method :

To register :

Dial *1000# = Balance Transfer = Set New PIN = Confirm New PIN (pop-up messages will appear) “You have successfully set your new PIN”.

To transfer balance :

Through SMS :

  • Go to create new messages option and type “BTR <Space> Amount <Space> Riceiver Mobile Number <Space> PIN
  • Send the message to 1000
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS.

Example : BTR 50 019xxxxxxxx 12345

Through USSD :

Dial *1000# = Balance Transfer = Amount = Enter the number = Enter your PIN

To Change PIN :

Through SMS :

  • Go to create new message option and type CPIN <Space> OLD PIN <Space> New PIN
  • Than send the message to 1000

Example : CPIN 123 4321

Through USSD :

Dial *1000# = Change PIN = Enter Current PIN = Enter New PIN = Confirm PIN

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Terms & Condition :

  • A minimum of Tk 10 and a maximum of Tk 100 can be sent in one transfer (with no fraction).
  • A maximum of Tk 500 a day can be transferred to a maximum of Tk 1000 an month.
  • The quantity must be an integer and no letters can be entered without the number, (e.g 50) No fraction.
  • You must register for the service by dialing USSD code *1000#.
  • Balance transfer can be done in two ways: SMS or USSD (*1000#).
  • Daily limit will be reset after to night 12.00 pm daily.
  • Source: Banglalink

Promotional Charge :

  • Tk. 2.55 (including VAT, SD & SC) from the sender’s balance.
  • Tk. 2.55 (including VAT, SD & SC) from receiver’s end.

If you have any questions about balance transfer, please let us know. We must answer this question. From here you can get excellent internet and SMS and Social Pack offers from Banglalink at a cheap price.

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