Airtel Internet Offer 2022 (Update) – All Airtel Internet Pack 2022


Today I will share how you can get Airtel Internet Offer 2022 with you . Airtel has released great internet offers for every customer. These internet packs are available here at a cheaper price. You can get the required internet packages from here.

Airtel has provided great internet, social pack for their 2G / 3G / 4G customers. These offers will be available to all Airtel prepaid customers. These offers have been published on their official website. However, these internet offers are being offered on our website.

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If you like this offer, you can pick it up here. From here you can buy offers at a low cost and securely. Today we will discuss Airtel Internet Offer 2022. Let’s get started –

Airtel Internet Offer 2022 (Activation Code) :

Search time is up. You are looking a lot offer, close your search. Come to our website. You get the best internet offers here at the cheapest. Enjoy day and night, Share the joy with all your friends. It is impossible to run without internet.

Data Pack Data Price Active Code Validity
1GB Tk. 29 *123*025# 3 days
1GB (4G) Tk. 22 *123*022# 3 days
1.5GB Tk. 44 *123*044# 3 days
2GB Tk. 49 *123*049# 3 days
2.5GB (1GB 4G) Tk. 54 *123*054# 3 days
3GB (1GB 4G) Tk. 59 *123*059# 4 days
4GB (1GB 4G) Tk. 64 *123*064# 4 days
1.5GB + 50 Min Tk. 98 *123*098# 7 days
3.5GB (Cashback 8Tk) Tk. 104 *123*104# 7 days
2GB Tk. 89` *123*089# 7 days
3GB (Social Pack) Tk. 39 *123*39# 4 days
5GB (Cashback 12Tk) Tk. 129 *123*129# 7 days
5GB (Cashback 10Tk) Tk. 159 *123*159# 10 days
7GB Tk. 179 *123*179# 10 days
1GB  + 100Min
(Cashback 10Tk)
Tk. 148 *123*148# 30 days
2GB Tk. 229 *123*229# 30 days
10GB + 500 Min +
Chahback 45 days
Tk. 648 *123*648# 45 days
30GB  +
Cashback 135Tk
Tk. 998 *123*998# 30 days

Airtel Cash Back Packages:

Data Pak Data Price Cash back Active Code Validity
800MB + 25 Min Tk. 58 Tk. 2 *123*1621# 5 days
1.5GB + 50 Min + 50 SMS Tk. 98 Tk. 5 *123*1627# 7 days
3.5GB Tk. 104 Tk. 8 *123*1606# 7 days
1GB Tk. 119 Tk. 2.98 *123*1607# 30 days
5GB Tk. 129 Tk. 12 *123*1068# 7 days
1GB + 100 Min Tk. 148 Tk. 10 *123*1622# 30 days
1.5GB + 100 Min Tk. 158 Tk. 5 *123*1636# 30 days
5GB Tk. 159 Tk. 10 *123*1069# 10 days
2GB + 120 Min Tk. 198 Tk. 5 *123*1623# 30 days
1GB + 250 Min + 250 SMS Tk. 248 Tk. 10 *123*1624# 30 days
4GB + 225 Min Tk. 294 Tk. 10 *123*1637# 30 days
8GB Tk. 329 Tk. 10 *123*1620# 30 days
10GB Tk.344 Tk. 15 *123*1638# 30 days
5GB Tk. 398 Tk. 8 *123*1615# 30 days
14GB Tk. 429 Tk. 20 *123*1629# 30 days
10GB + 350 Min Tk. 448 Tk. 20 *123*1625# 30 days
7GB Tk. 498 Tk. 20 *123*1616# 30 days
10GB Tk. 598 Tk. 50 *123*1630# 45 days
6GB + 600 Min Tk. 599 Tk. 60 *123*1626# 30 days
10GB + 600 Min Tk. 648 Tk. 50 *123*1631# 45 days
20GB Tk. 649 Tk. 60 *123*1617# 30 days
20GB + 800 Min Tk. 948 Tk. 74 *123*1632# 60 days
30GB Tk. 998 Tk. 135 *123*1618# 30 days

500 MB Offer :

You can visit to get interesting internet offers. Airtel 500 MB internet is only 29 Taka. If you wish to purchase this offer over 3 day period, you will need to dial and purchase the USSD Code. This is the most super internet offer in Bangladesh. Which all Airtel customers will enjoy.

By purchasing this offer, the customer will get 500 MB internet. To active this offer, dial *123*025#. Or recharge to buy this offer for 29 Taka. Duration is 72 hours. Can use over 2G, 3G & 4G networks.

Airtel 1GB Offer 2022 :

Friends, I came to you today with Airtel 1GB internet offer. I’ll discuss with you the 1GB offer today. Let’s discuss the details of this offer and the internet does not know the required information. For your benefit, I have published the table below.

Airtel 1GB 22 Taka (4G Offer) :

Hello Friends, Airtel has been released 1GB Internet offer for 4G network. If you want to activate the internet offer, activate it. The offer will cost 22 Taka and will expire for 3 days. This is applicable for 4G SIM. Buy this great internet pack for you fast. Share to your other friends. You can get USSD Code Press. To get this offer Press *123*022#. Duration is 03 days.

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1.5 GB 38 Taka: Welcome to Airtel for amazing internet offers. Airtel has released 5.5 GB of great internet offers. You need to spend some money to accept this offer. From here you can get 1.5GB Internet pack with only 38 Taka. To avail this offer, dial *123*038# or recharge 38 Taka. The period is 7 days.

Only 89 Tk 1.5GB Offer :

Airtel has launched 1.5GB data pack in a span of 07 days. This data pack is a great long term offer for you at minimal cost. What are you thinking. They are price a littel high. This 1.5 GB Internet pack is priced at only 89 Taka. You get 1.5GB data for 89 Taka and expire for 3 days. You can use 2G, 3G, 3G SIM. To avail this offer, dial *123*089#. The period is 7 days. Today you can enjoy this offer.

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Now get 1.5 GB offer: Airtel customers can get 1.5 GB internet only 98 Taka, then with free 50 Minute Talktime.  You can benefit from purchasing this offer. To enjoy the offer dial *123*098# or recharge 98 Taka. This offer is for prepaid customers only. To check minute balance dial *778*0#.

Airtel 2GB Internet Offer (Any Time Used) :

Airtel 3GB 59 Taka :

If you want to get 3GB internet offer for 04 days, you can avail this offer. One of the best offerings on this offer is faster speed and longer duration. Many customers search for longer term internet offers. Do not late, if you like get this offer. To get 3GB offer for only 59 Taka, Dial *123*059# or recharge Tk 59. Expiration is 4 days.

Airtel 2GB 44 Tk Offer :

Airtel has released the best internet offer in Bangladesh. This offer will be the most popular internet offer for all customers. Airtel releases 2GB internet offer over 3 day period. If this data pack is very attractive to you, you should make a quick purchase.

Airtel will enjoy this internet offer to all customers. By purchasing this data pack you will be able to enjoy 2048 MB of Internet access at any time. To get this offer, dial *123*044# or recharge 44 Taka. The data pack expires 3 days.

Prepaid customers can purchase using recharge or USSD Code. However, postpaid customers can only buy using USSD and the app. This data package is a Regular Internet pack 2022.

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3GB Offer :

If you ever thought you could get 1GB internet offer for only 47 Taka. Today, Airtel has come up with a great 1GB internet offer. Please let me know how you feel about this offer. One of the great offers Airtel can offer is the Amazing 1GB GB Internet Pack. To get this offer, dial *1*520# or recharge at 47 Taka. Internet duration is 7 days. Let’s all take this offer.

Airtel 3GB 59 Taka:

Airtel has updated the new internet offer. Here Airtel customers are getting 3GB internet package with only 59 taka. The validity of this great internet package is 04 days. You can activate the 3GB offer with just Tk 59 as per your choice.

  • To avail this offer dial * 123 * 059 #
  • The validity of the data pack is 03 days.
  • This offer can be used 2G / 3G / 4G networks.

5GB Offer :

I have again come up with a new internet offer. I thought I’d publish it to you today. Let’s go to the talk. They gave 5 GB internet for only 170 Taka. This attractive internet offer will cost you around 170 Taka. With 170 BDT you get 5GB super internet. How do you buy this operation? To avail this offer, dial *125*120# or recharge 170 Tk. Enjoy 5GB Internet. The period is 7 days.

Link: Banglalink Minute offer 2022

New Airtel 7GB Offer :

Are you searching for excellent internet offers? They brought wonderful internet offers for them. All Airtel customers will be able to purchase this offer. At only 179 Airtel subscribers get 7 GB internet, the data pack expires 10 days. Dial *123*179# or recharge 179 BDT to enjoy this attractive offer.

All of Airtel’s prepaid and postpaid customers will be able to enjoy the offer. You can purchase via USSD Code. Throughout the campaign, subscribers can enjoy the offer as many times as they like.

Airtel 10GB Offer :

I’ll help you today for Airtel Internet Offer! Airtel publishes 10GB internet offer on their affiliate website. You can avail 10GB internet offer here very safely. I’m thinking of this as you can take the pack fast and at a low cost. You can get 10GB internet for 198 Taka. The pack will remain for 07 days. To start this offer dial *123*1234# or recharge 198 Tk. The period is 7 days. Share the opportunity to enjoy Sabai.

Airtel 30GB Offer :

Great internet offer today! Airtel has come in an attractive package. This is Airtel’s special offer for Airtel customers who use the network for more than 24 hours. Airtel offers 30GB internet over a 30 day period. It offers an excellent data package 2022. This data pack is priced at only 998 Taka. To avail this offer, dial *123*998# or recharge 998 Taka. The internet is 30 days. To data balance check Press *3#. Can be renewed before expiration.

Airtel Social Pack :

1GB 12 Taka offer: Today I am back with Airtel’s excellent Social Pack. All their customers have offered attractive internet access to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkdine Social Media. Airtel customers will be able to enjoy. Airtel 1GB Socia Pack is priced at just 12 Taka. The offer will cost 12 Taka. Dial *123*012# to get the offer. Internet is 30 days.

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PUBG 1GB 33 Taka Offer :

Did you know that Airtel has offered great internet offers for playing PUBG games? If the poison is not known, you know from here. Airtel offers 1GB PUBG data pack for just 33 Taka. The game will be played all day with friends online. If you prefer to play PUBG games on the Internet then you can purchase this data pack. To activate this offer Dial *123*033#. Internet is 30 days. Can be used anytime.

Airtel Special Internet Offer :

3 GB 104 Taka: Airtel Handset Comes With Special Internet Offer. Airtel Special Internet offers for customers who purchase handsets from their official website. If you would like to enjoy this offer on Airtel, you can purchase any handset from here.

You will get 3GB internet with only Tk 104. The Internet will receive 7 days. Bonus Internet with 7GB. You get a total of 10 GB internet. To avail the offer, please recharge 104 Taka Or dial *121*080*0#. This offer will be applicable only to users of Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Symphony brand new cadets.

10 GB Special Data Offer :

Special Internet Offer for Special Customers. When you buy Samsung and Xiaomi brand new handsets from Airtel, you can get 10GB internet for only 399 Taka. This is an interesting data offer for Airtel’s special customers. To cative this offer, press *121*052#. This internet is expiring 28 days. 10GB (5GB to any operator, 2GB to 4G SIM and 3GB to My Sports and 10 minutes to school via Internet).

Link: GP Minute offer 2022

20 GB 599 Taka :

Airtel has given another data pack. This is the Airtel 20GB internet offer. However, there are some rules that need to be followed to take this internet offer. You can purchase any set of Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Symphony from Airtel Customer Care 20 GB internet.

Airtel Internet Offer 2022 Important and Interesting Data Offers. You can use 10GB of any local operator within 20GB of data and 5GB of 5G SIM, with the remaining 5GB of My Sports and 10 minutes of school. To avail this offer, dial *121*053# and recharge Tk 599. Data validity is 28 days.

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If you are ever wondering, you can get so much internet at such a low cost. It is strange to think. When we used to buy 2 MB internet with 05 Taka. That’s how we used the Internet. Those days are lost. I got back all the nice big internet packs. Now how cheap Airtel Internet Offer 2022. Let’s use the internet properly. I enjoy other Internet packs at Airtel.

What is Airtel?

Airtel is one of the get telecommunication companies in Bangladesh. This company has been associated with network services in Bangladesh since 2003. However, Airtel’s previous name is Aktel. The company was handed over to India and Japan a few years ago. They rename the company to a new one. Its name is Airtel.

Network service has been launched in every district of Bangladesh. They offer amazing internet for every customer. Besides, it provides super network services.

Airtel is most people network service company in Bangladesh. Every day each people used this network of airtel. So it is amazing but it’s network speed super fast. You back to Airtel network and enjoy super speed data.

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